how to leave a review on etsy

How To Leave A Review On Etsy

After you receive your item, how to leave a review on etsy for this take a flash to depart feedback about the transaction on Etsy. The best answer to how to write a review on etsy is here at wikians. Once you permit feedback a pair of sale, you indicate whether the experience was positive, negative, or neutral. You furthermore may have the prospect to share your comments about the transaction. Other Etsy users can then view this feedback to figure out whether a specific seller is reliable for business.

If you give your feedback it will affects the seller’s feedback score and his/her reputation on the situation. It’s super-important that you just simply issue feedback consistently, fairly, and honestly.

Although leaving feedback is solely optional, doing so can be a decent idea; it helps ensure that everybody feels safe shopping on Etsy. Note that you simply just have 120 days to depart feedback after the conclusion of a sale.

To leave feedback, follow these steps:

Firstly signed in to your Etsy account, there you can see your account link along the very best of any Etsy page.

Click the Feedback link on the left side of the screen.It’ll take you to Feedback page, where you can see a feedback tab.

Click the Positive, Neutral, or Negative option button under the transaction you’d wish to rate.

If you’ve had a negative experience with a seller, first see if you’ll discuss whatever issue is bothering you via e-mail or a convo. Often, conflicts on Etsy are simply the results of a misunderstanding.

If you would like, blood type comment about the transaction or the seller.If you’ve fantastic transaction then why not make the seller’s day by commenting something nice in the comment section.

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For example if you want to upload an appreciation photo for the seller.This photo could even be an image of you wearing the item to obtain, a photograph of the item in its new home, or simply something silly to make your seller smile. Appreciation photos are a decent because of share barely loves on Etsy! To upload an appreciation photo, just click the Browse button; then locate and choose the photo on your computer.

Click Submit.

Etsy posts your feedback on the placement.

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