How to leave or write a review on Doordash

Doordash is the largest online food delivery service. Many people use doordash to order food online on daily basis. That’s why lots of people are facing some issues with this application. Don’t worry, doordash is a very good service and they manage all the problems nicely. If you are looking for how to leave a review on doordash app then you are in right place. Here you will learn a simple and easy step by step process to write a review on doordash.

  1. In order to leave a review on doordash app, just visit the merchant portal of doordash here.
  2. Now here you can see the tab “Orders”, click on it.
  3. In this step, you can rate a dasher according to the experience with him by selecting “Rate”.
  4. You can give a rating on doordash app in the form of three options: Poor, Good, or Great!
  5. If your experience is not good with the dasher then you can select “Poor”.
  6. A new menu will appear and you have to choose an appropriate reason from the list.
  7. Once you have done, click on the “Submit” button.

In this way, you can leave or write a doordash review. If you are unhappy and want to blacklist a dasher then you can select “unprofessional” from the list and after checking the box you can submit your feedback.

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Give positive or negative Dasher rating on doordash app

 Doordash app users have also the option to give positive or negative dasher ratings. In order to give a rating on the doordash tablet, just visit the “Order Manager app”. Here you can see “how was your dasher?” click on it. You will see a screen, write your appropriate feed, and leave a review for the dasher.

How to improve doordash customer rating

If you are searching for how to improve doordash customer rating then you can get the best answer here. Here we will show some tips to improve the rating on doordash. Normally a good customer rating is 7.0 or above. Customer rating on the doordash app is varying for many different reasons. Basically, the customers are unpredictable but here are some tips by which you can improve and increase customer rating on doordash.

  • Positive communication with the customer will directly affect your rating on doordash. If the order is a delay or there is some kind of another problem then you can communicate with the customer. You can tell them the cause of the delay. If you have successfully completed your ride then you can leave a happy message for the customer in the following way.

“Hi(name of customer)! Thanks for using DoorDash. If you like the service you received today please use the app to give a 5 star rating!”

A client who has communicated their happiness with the administration will be thankful to give you a decent rating.

  • Increase rating by the good community on doordash platform. If you are good at scheduled orders then businesses will pay good money and also give you a good rating. You can also increase your customer rating on doordash by providing dinner as easily as possible, communicating well, showing up on time, and being polite. Family communities will remember you for a long time and you can ask for a 5-star rating.
  • Best Time of Day plays an important role in increasing your rating as a dasher. If you are willing to deliver orders in the evening then there are some changes to improve your rating. You can get a 5-star rating if all goes right. In the event that something turns out badly, you would prefer not to request a 5-star rating and end up with a low rating.
  • Read the Instructions carefully will also a great addition to your rating. When you will follow the specific instructions written by the customer then you can get 5 stars rating. Information in this location is intended to help you discover the client’s location, yet a few clients submit their food request directions in this area, so you won’t see them until you have just gotten the DoorDash request and are prepared to leave the store.
  • Be patient and kind with the restaurant employees they remember you and will almost meet you at the door to give you the DoorDash order. You should not be nasty so that they will remember you and make you wait. Try to reach the restaurant on time so that you can complete your delivery ride at a right time.

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How to read restaurant reviews on doordash

Here is the best solution to read restaurant reviews on doordash. In order to see restaurant reviews on doordash just follow the simple steps.

  1. First of all, just download the “doordash driver app”.
  2. You can download it for free on both platforms iOS and Android .
  3. Open the doordash driver app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Here you can see the option of “Rating” click on it.
  5. In this step, you can see the customer reviews located alongside detailed information regarding your “Dasher stats”.

 This android and apple mobile phone application are very simple to use. Make sure to utilize the Schedule section to make plans for deliveries, check the Earnings segment to perceive the amount you’ve acquired on a given day, month, or week.



WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to leave and read a doordash review. Here you have also learned about how to improve and increase customer rating. If you don’t get the answer and have some issues then you can contact us in the comment section below. Our expert team will try to reach you as soon as possible. If you want to know more about doordash then you can tell us in the comment box below. Thanks for reading this article.

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