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How To Meditate Reddit Quora Best Answer

Here you can get best answer to how to meditate reddit quora basically this question has become very popular now a days as all people are facing problems. These problems are due to daily routine changed because of pandemic. All of us know about it. So relax yourself and be happy to read about how to start meditating reddit. Many people ask about how long to meditate reddit. The answer is given below in the following article. If you’ve question like how to meditate properly reddit is a fair question and you’ll find your answer here.

Before we begin, ask yourself a few questions:

• The expectations you want to achieve by meditation? If it’s only a short-term result, like “I have to relax in heated-up situation”, there are better, simpler tricks out there, like controlled breathing.

• Are you ready for a commitment? This is because that’s what meditation is. If you are thinking to do it for a day, a week or only for a month then drop it whatsoever, it’s not worth it – sure, Carry on and try to take the chance, if you want biggest result it will come in months, even years of constant, regular meditation.
• Can you spare an hour daily? Try to take one hour of privacy in your daily life routine.

• Could you have an hour of privacy every day? If you’re living with parents or basically anyone, this may not be the case unless you actually agree with them on a daily time of „no-disturbance“, this thing will not possible all the time because of complicated social world we live in. (Some people, for example, feel ashamed that they meditate, just because it’s abnormal for cultural and social reasons)

• Is self control an issue? Be honest with yourself. Can you do something you (at first, probably) won’t like? Most importantly if you’re full of energetic, hyperactive, very social, very busy, or an „over thinker“.
• Are you mentally healthy? Absolutely, it has been proved that meditation has amazing effects on the mentally challenged, but if that’s the case with you, I strongly suggest you get professional help.

Which Things Are Needed About How To Meditate

 Following things I’ve explained on how to meditate.

What do you need?
• Neat and fresh environment are a few things the majority prefer but isn’t necessary – as while meditating, your eyes are closed.
• No disturbance is necessary especially for the beginners, but is also beneficial for everyone else. Most forward users simply won’t let themselves get disturbed by anything that’s happening around them. Ensured that your phone sounds are off and that nothing at all (that you have control over) will disturb you in your meditation.
• Watch or timer is essential for the part of meditation where you train self-control. More on, it will render useless, however, when starting out, you usually need that time-guidance, that feeling of “I can’t stop, not until the alarm rings”. Also, the deeper a meditation is, the slower time flows – so while it’s going to desire 25 minutes, you’ll be extremely surprised if you choose to test and find out it was, in reality, 9 min.

• Easement is also an important part of a meditation. Take a comfortable position – sure, straightening your back to the point it feels hard and frustrating in the first 15 second may be of some help but it has nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish. For example lying down, sitting, standing.. Whatever position you feel comfortable with is great. Just make sure you won’t fall asleep.
• Physical needs should be fulfilled, if possible. Feeling hungry, thirsty? Then eat some food. If you are extremely tire? Get some sleep. Horny? Help yourself. Something you need to urgently take care of? Go ahead Meditation is most enjoyable when there aren’t any creepy thoughts within the back of your mind that will get you anxious.

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How To Learn Meditate In 8 Easy Best Steps

Now I’m going to tell you how to learn meditate in 8 easy best steps. So keep reading carefully as follows.

how to learn meditate in 8 easy best steps

Step 1) Get comfortable

Sit comfortably. Your muscles should relax, or at least the ones you can – this may be tricky, as soon as you relax a muscle and focus on a different one. Now you may play with this for a while until either everything is relaxed, or you don’t even notice anymore. Let’s take some deep, long breaths and make sure you hold each of them for a few seconds. Also you can use the 7-4-7 technique: breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 7 second. This helps if you can’t get your mind to shut up.

how to meditate reddit quora

Step 2) Close your eyes

When you sit down, close your eyes. While it’s very possible to meditate with eyes open, I don’t suggest it – the imagery will do the other of what you’re trying to try and do – it’ll create thoughts. You’re trying to urge eliminate any thoughts whatsoever.

Step 3) Focus so you can “unfocus”

What you’re attempting to do in a meditation is to induce into a state of pure awareness, consciousness, nothingness, stillness, thoughtless. In other words – you’re trying to throw all the thoughts out of your mind, all the chatter and discover what remains when it’s all gone – that’s the ultimate meaning. Try to focus on something simple – I found that the easiest & most effective things to focus on are:
• Your own breath
• Your heartbeat sound (you can hear it if you focus, in complete silence)
• Dropping water (not rain)
• The sound of a clock ticking
• Physical sittings (simply become aware: I am aware of how it feels to sit on this sofa. Feel how the air coming in and out of my nose feels on my skin. All sounds I can hear…)
• smells

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Step 4) Let it flow

The biggest mistake people tend to create is that they fight to focus really, really hard so as to induce their minds beyond the thought-trains. Try to direct the thoughts, but don’t try to “overpower” them. If there’s a random thought that pops up, like “I would like a pizza… pizza is good because it has cheese on it..” just acknowledge it, now come back on what you were focusing on before – it was your breath or heartbeat. If you are attempting too hard, you merely get anxious. Take it easy and just let it flow – because it doesn’t really matter. As possible long as you sit still, motionless, you can call it a meditation.

Step 5) How long to meditate reddit?

Now I’ll tell you how long to meditate reddit a little test that can help you find out how long your meditation should be: Try the first one without a timer and try to meditate for as long as possible. The time when you feel you simply can’t take it anymore, open your eyes and check how long it was. If it was going on for 9 minutes, your meditation routine should then be 10 minutes per session, until you feel you can comfortably do more. Prolong your meditations regularly – that’s, if you practice a day and if you don’t, all of this is often probably worthless. Timelessly you can meditate for 15 minutes without getting any anxiety or stress, increase to 20 and so on. Get better on each try.

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Step 6) Can I move?

The point is not to move, but don’t take that too seriously. If you’re 5 minutes into the meditation and feel really still, time already stopped, but you simply got a extremely serious, huge ITCH and it’s making you literally go crazy, just go and scratch it, or move the almost-dead leg if you would like to – similar as in trying to go to sleep, you shouldn’t move but if you’ve got to, go ahead.

Step 7) The sound of silence

After some minutes, if you probably did it right, a awfully interesting thing happens. Now the first thing is, slowly but surely you start losing your consciousness. You can feel it like falling asleep but you’re still perfectly awake and aware. It feels like ceasing to exist. But, there’s another amazing thing:
You can hear the silence. In the start you can literally hear the silence, and the longer/deeper you meditate, the louder it becomes. The outside sounds are more distant by each passing second and you feel overwhelmed in silence – it sounds like being on an airplane, sort of, but everyone tries to explain it differently according to their thinking, so in the time while I may try to communicate the feeling, you probably have to experience it for yourself in order to understand. Now the one thing is sure that it is the most amazing feeling ever. The reason behind is you are completely disconnected from reality and all that remains is the state of Samandhi. Believe me when I say it feels better than any drug you have ever tried or any feeling you have ever felt.

benefit of meditation

Step 8) Refreshment

You will probably feel refreshed after opening your eyes, as if you simply awakened from a decent, long night sleep. One of the biggest positive is that there’s a big chance you will realize something about yourself, your life, your current situation, whatever – and that realization will eventually lead you to take action which you wouldn’t normally take. This is how meditation can change lives.

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