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If you are searching for how to cancel an Interac e transfer BMO app then you are in right place. On this page, you will read the complete process of cancellation BMO e transfer. BMO is one of the best financial brands in Canada. They are providing great services to their clients. According to stats, more than 16 million Canadian people use BMO per day.

Basically, Interac e transfer most secure way to send and receive funds in Canada. These types of transfers are instant but in some cases took up to 30 minutes. RBC and Scotiabank are also providing e transfer facilities in Canada.

how to cancel an interac e transfer BMO

To cancel pending e transfer on BMO app is a very easy process. You just need to open the BMO app and then visit payment history. Here you will see your recent BMO e transfers, select one of them and click on ‘cancel’ button. The complete step-by-step process is explained below.

How To Cancel An Interac E Transfer BMO App

Customers can cancel Interac e transfer on BMO app if the recipient has not received it yet.

  1. First you need get log in to online BMO account through app.
  2. Next, go to “transaction or payment history”.
  3. Then open “Interac e-transfer”.
  4. Here you will see list of e transfer transactions.
  5. Select BMO e transfer that you want to cancel it.
  6. Lastly, you have to click at “cancel e transfer”.

By using the above steps, you can cancel an Interac e transfer on BMO online through the app. A small amount of cancellation fee will also be charged by the bank. E-transfer can be expired if the receiver does not receive it. After that funds will be returned to your account.  

How do I cancel bmo e-Transfer if recipient has already accepted it?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel BMO e transfer if the recipient has received it. There is no way to stop or reverse the transaction. In this situation, you have to contact the directly receiver and make arrangements with him. BMO E transfer can only be cancelled if the status of the transaction is pending. That’s why you should send money to trusted parties only.

We recommend you if the recipient is unknown to you then you should take some precautions.

How much does it cost to send money via Interac e-Transfer?

The cost to send the amount through Interac e transfer varies from bank to bank. For further information, please contact your financial institution or credit union directly.

Can I cancel an International Transfer by Mastercard and Interac?

The cancellation period depends on the internal processes of the financial institution. If you need to cancel an international transfer, please contact your financial institution.

BMO Cancel E Transfer Fee

BMO e transfer cancellation fee is $5 after the same-day transaction. You will nothing to pay for the same-day transactions. However, the customer will pay $1.00 if he wants to cancel Interac e transfer.


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