If you are looking for how to cancel OfferUp order after offer accepted then you are in right place. You can cancel your order on OfferUp by contacting the seller that you are not willing to buy the item even if the offer has been accepted. The purchasing of an item on OfferUp will not complete until you provide the money to the seller. Simply send a message before your meeting with the seller and ask the seller that you are not buying the product.

If you are going to meet the seller for the inspection of an item then you can also withdraw your offer if it is not according to your expectation.  Do behave well! Be grateful to the seller for their invaluable time, particularly when they met up privately with you. If you do not get any sale then do not be depressed. Offer Up does have a large number of buyers and seller, so it is easy to find thing that you want.

OfferUp is a C2C and B2C marketplace app for buyers and sellers to buy and sell their electronics items, furniture and cars. OfferUp platform makes users to post items for sale to friends, followers, people nearby, and people with similar interests, moms groups and craigslist. You can find local items by browsing daily posting. If you are interested in some items you can message buyers or sellers.

How To Cancel Offerup Order

How To Cancel OfferUp Order

The order cancellation process on OfferUp is very simple even if the seller has accepted your offer. For this, you just need to send a message and ask the seller to cancel the order voluntarily for their side. It must be noted that, if you have purchased something by using the option of “Buy Now” then you are unable to submit order cancellation request. However, you can cancel your order on OfferUp as buyer by using following steps.

  1. To cancel your order on OfferUp, click on “Inbox”.
  2. Then go the “Messages” tab.
  3. Now find the item you wish to cancel and tap “View Offer”.
  4. If the seller hasn’t responded to your shipping offer, then cancellation is possible within 24 hours.
  5. Now select “Cancel Offer” and the again press cancel open offer to confirm your decision.

Important note:

The buyers cancel their orders on OfferUp app only and cancellation is not possible via web. That’s why, go to OfferUp app and submit your order cancellation request. It is also known that, if seller is not responding to your open offer within 24 hours then it will be cancelled automatically. However, if the seller accepts your offer then communicate with your seller to cancel the order from their side.

How Do I Get A Refund On OfferUp After Cancel Order?

You can get a refund on OfferUp if the item is not according to your expectation. First you need to inspect the item once it arrives. For the inspection, you have two days after the delivery. If it is not what you expected then contact the seller and request for a refund. Request for a refund can be submitted from delivered notification you received within 2 days after you get the item.

In a case when you do not get any response that solves the issue then you have 2 more days to let them know by filling a claim. As time period expires, they will assume that you are happy with your purchase and complete the transaction. Following steps are helpful in order to submit a request for a refund.

  1. First you need to visit “Inbox”.
  2. Now find the notification of an item you want to get a refund.
  3. Explain your issue in the question box.
  4. Then click on “Request refund”.

What Will Happen Next After Your Refund Request?

  • The sellers are given 2 days to accept or decay your request for a refund.
  • Assume that seller accepts you refund, and then OfferUp will send you a pre-paid shipping label to mail the item back to the sellers. Label is compulsory for a refund to be completed. Item must be shipped within 5 days period.
  • ·         For a moment let’s suppose, seller decay you request or doesn’t respond to your refund request, then you can directly report to OfferUp within 2 days.

It is compulsory for you to report to us within 4 days of the item being shipped. In subsequently you have 2 days to contact the seller, and 2 more days to contact us (in case seller doesn’t response to your request).

How Long Does A Seller Have To Accept An Offer On OfferUp?

Remember, if the seller doesn’t accept or decay your request within 24 hours then offer will be canceled automatically. After accepting the offer by seller, your order will be committed to buy and will not be able to cancel its processing. 


We do hope that you have got the answer to how to cancel an order on OfferUp? We have explained all the possible ways to submit your order cancellation request on OfferUp for a full refund. To cancel your order, communicate with the seller and submit a request to cancel the order. If the buyer doesn’t respond to your request then apply above steps from your side. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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