how to get free shipping on shein on sundays

If you are looking for how to get free shipping on shein on Sundays then you are in right place. In this article, you will get a complete guide over shein free shipping on Sundays and also on other days.

After reading this article you will save on your shein order. You will have nothing to pay on world’s largest clothing brand for men, women and children.  

Keep reading this page to get more ways of buying shein products without paying express shipping charges.

how to get free shipping on shein on sundays

Getting free shipping on shein on Sundays is the simplest way to save on your order. However,  you can get free delivery on other days also including Sundays. If you are living in European countries then you will have to pay 29 euros to get free shein express shipping.

This is the minimum amount of ordered things from shein. However, if your ordered price is less than 29 euros then you can have shein coupons to get free shipping.

If you have question like how often does shein have free shipping? Then read the following paragraphs carefully.

How To Get Free Shipping On SHEIN On Sundays

Nowadays shein customers are more interested to get free shipping on Sundays. But they don’t know how to avail this offer and get free shipping at shein.

Shein free shipping on Sundays is available for all customers around the world. Read the following steps to get free express shipping on shein.

  1. Firstly, if today is Sunday then it is perfect.
  2. Next, go to official Shein website or mobile application.
  3. A countdown counter will appear on homepage in skipped hours.
  4. During this timer, you will get free shipping on SHEIN on Sundays.
  5. Usually, they surprise their customers with this free delivery offer.

That’s why keep watching the official website on Sunday.  When you see a timer appears on the screen then you can buy shein products for 0 costs of shipping.

A pop-up will be available on both platforms like the website and SHEIN app. During this time, all the customers can get free shipping without applying any code.

However, read below some more attractive ways to get free shipping on SHEIN.

How Often Does SHEIN Have Free Shipping?

As we have explained shein free shipping on Sundays but it is not the end. Yes, we have collected some more ways to get free shipping in shein for our readers.

1. SHEIN Free Shipping Coupons on Internet

Sometimes, customers can not get shein free shipping coupons on the official website or mobile application. But there are plenty of websites available on internet from which you can get these coupons.

  • Take some time and visit page by page on internet.
  • To get free shipping download these coupons.  
  • Enter these coupons codes that you have got online while making a purchase.

However, you can get some coupons within the SHEIN app, read below.

2. Free Shipping Coupons inside SHEIN App

Customers can get shein free shipping coupons inside the shein app. Once you will subscribe to their newsletter option then SHEIN team will send you these coupons via email.

The price of these free coupons is less than $22. In order to apply these coupons, go to app >> visit your coupon list.  

3. New Shein Customers

If you are new customer to shein then sometimes they will offer you free shipping on your first order.

A pop up banner will appear on the homepage of the SHEIN website regarding this offer.

4. Free Shipping by Playing Games

Many customers don’t know about how they can win free shipping by playing games available on SHEIN website or app.

You can play different games like roulette to win free coupons. The more you win, the more free coupons you will receive.

5. Free Shipping on ordered amount more than $ 35

If you have bought SHEIN products worth more than approximately $ 35 than you will get free shipping.

In some countries like Mexico, it is possible that ordered value to get free shipping on shein is less on app than on website. 

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6. SHEIN Free Shipping on Wednesdays

Yes, you can get free shipping on Wednesdays also. Basically, you have to participate on SHEIN live shows on Wednesdays only.

During these shows, they give out free shipping codes. To apply these codes, you will have to buy shein product of a particular amount that varies by country.

Read below to participate in these shows.

How Can I participate in SHEIN Wednesday Live Broadcast?

Usually, shein broadcast show is live on every Wednesday in the afternoon or evening. It is also depend upon your country where you are living. 

Apply the following steps to join these live shows.

  • Open the shein app, login to your account.
  • Go the homepage of application.
  • Here you will see join button of Wednesday live broadcast.

Be attentive while watching the broadcast because they will announce discount coupons during the show. We recommend that, you must activate app notifications.

In this way, you can get early access to these shows.  

Important Note:

Shein Wednesdays live shows are only available on app and not on the official website. for this you must have shein app installed on your phone.

Download the application for Android and Apple here.

One thing to keep in mind is that these shopping codes end very quickly. That’s why it’s important to have your shopping cart ready so you can use them immediately.

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Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got all the ways to get express shipping on SHEIN for free. However, if you have any questions then you can ask us in the comment section below.

Our expert team will answer you as soon as possible.

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