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If you are looking for how to leave a review on Angie’s List then you are in right place. One of the best ways to describe your experiences with other members is to leave a review or feedback on Angie’s List.

We welcome you to submit your review every time when new work is completed. Angie’s list allows you to write countless reviews. You can write as many reviews as you like. One thing to keep in mind, every review should be about a new experience.

First of all, you have to get login into your account. The remaining steps to leave a review on Angie’s List are below.

  1. Get login into your Angie’s List account.
  2. Here you can find the “Add Review” button at top of the page, placed in a green banner.
  3. After clicking on “Add Review” you will redirect to a page called “Review A Pro”.
  4. Search the name of the provider by typing it in the search box.
  5. If you’ve got your provider’s name on the list then click on it to get started.

What to do if you don’t find the provider’s name in the list?

If you don’t find the name of the provider on the list then don’t worry.  You can also add the name of the provider by choosing “Start your review here”, just located above the search box.

If you are adding a new name then you must have to enter the pros name, services performed, telephone number, state, city, and zip.

  •  “Give ratings” to the provider on Angie’s List.

Here you will learn about how you can give ratings to the provider on Angie’s List. These alphabets “A-F” will describe the ratings that you have given to the provider. “A” is for the highest rating and “F” is for the lowest rating. This kind of rating system is just like a report card.

  • Share your story” in the description section.

You can share your story by adding the amount and services performed. You can also tell other people how your experience was and would you like to hire the provider again.

A short description section is available for you to write your story by adding specific work done and how was your experience.

You can make your story more readable by adding some photos of the project and cost as well. It can help other customers in evaluating the right service provider for their work.

  • Once you have done, you can “Submit Your Review” on Angie’s List.

When you click “Submit Review,” you are also assuming that you are satisfied with all submission conditions.

You will receive an error message if you have missed a section. You can submit your review after the solution of all the problems in your review.

How long will it take for the review to be submitted?

If you have submitted your review by using the website then it will be posted within a business day. Initially, your review will go under the verification period for up to five business days.

After the verification, your review will get posted on the site. Angie’s List members will see your review after the approval.  Details related to your name and address are not visible to other members.

The only service provider can watch this. It will help to solve any kind of problem present between the service provider and you.

How to edit already submitted review on Angie’s List.

If you have already submitted your review on Angie’s List and want changes in it then you can do it. You can edit your review through contact or by clicking the “Begin Live Chat” feature. You can also change your review by pressing “Send A Message”.

How to leave a review without joining Angie’s List

No, you can’t leave a review without joining Angie’s List. It’s important to be a member of Angie’s List in order to leave feedback on it.

You can sign up on Angie’s List by clicking here. Your membership will go for a lifetime without any charges.


WikiAns will hope that you have got your answer to leave a review or feedback on Angie’s List. If you don’t, tell us in the comment section below. The expert team of WikiAns will reply to you as soon as possible.  

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15 thoughts on “How To Leave A Review On Angie’s List [Updated 2023]”
  1. We had Power Home Remodeling put a new roof on our house and we cannot be more pleased with the results. Not only was everyone we dealt with very professional and pleasant, but the end result was more than we could have hoped for. The workers completed the job in one day and left the area around the house spotless. Also the price was reasonable for the amount of work done. We highly recommend Power Home Remodeling.

  2. I had Superior Lawn Care (Donnie)install a new mailbox/Post and also, some landscaping around the new mailbox – his (2) workers did an excellent job – Donnie and his men were prompt and very professional and will use him anytime I need work done

  3. Bugle construction (Michael and his crew)
    Thank you for the beautiful deck.
    You did want you said you would and more.
    The color looks beautiful.
    The fit and finish is awesome.
    Thank you.

  4. Fine Painting once again did a fabulous job for me. We have used them at least 6 times over the years to do extensive interior painting of our house. They were back again to do our dining room, including removing a chair rail and fixing the drywall, the master bedroom and bathroom, and touch up on our painted woodwork. Very professional. And vaccinated! They also wore masks. It’s great to find a business that continues to excel.

  5. I needed a couple of windows to be painted and went on Angi’s list and found a man advertising as”THE HONEY DO LIST MAN”. His name is Jason McAllister (518-944-0431), who came to give me an estimate when he said he would and gave what I thought was a fair price. Jason came when he said he would and completed the job, which I was very satisfied with, both of which were his politeness and his professionalism. Thanks again, Jason

  6. I needed a replacement kitchen faucet so I was referred to Tymann Jimmy BPC plumbing Steven and John were Outstanding they came quickly not only did they repair my faucet they cleaned up these men were outstanding professional I definitely will recommend them I Truly Thank Them

  7. I had the honor of working with a company, Aluminum 1 Siding, Mr. Christopher Moore, very kind and giving man. He did an excellent job on my vinyl siding and some other work. I would recommend his company, 100%. Thank you Christopher very much.

  8. Jason did a super job of power washing my 2 story house, deck and railing. He has great equipment and a very conscientious attitude about his work.

  9. I had the worst experience with Angi. First, the call site person insisted on obtaining my credit card information while he could not answer my questions. He booked a handyman even though I kept telling him I had no materials for the job and he said do not worry the handyman will take care of the materials. Come to find out the 3 hour price for my service would be taken out for the person to go and buy materials. They told me they would text me the name and info. on the person coming out, which they did not. The call center person then told me they could come out on Monday. I said that would not work for me and he was supposed to make an appointment for Thursday. I get a text from Angi saying the contractor called off and they rescheduled for Easter Sunday. I called and said I was having company that day and not to have anyone come. I then got an unknown text saying I am coming do you need anything else? Someone showed up at my door after I cancelled the service all together and customer service said they would credit my account and I just received my card statement and they charged me and I spoke with my card provider and their was not any credit in process.

  10. I want to leave a review about Angie’s list. They do not vet their providers for expertise or ethics. If a provider
    pays them, they will be recommended. Angie’s is nothing more now than an ad agency. The painter I used, based on their recommendation, ruined my kitchen and several pieces of furniture, and Angie’s refuses to be responsible. The Happiness Gurarantee is another scam. I would never use another of their recommendations. You would do better to call Home Depot or Lowes and ask them for a pro recommendation. They only recommend the best because their reputation is on the line.

  11. I had the worst experience with Angi. Their installer had zero respect for me, my home or my property. The installer was NOT a professional in any sense of the word. I am left with a sloppy incomplete installation, damaged window frame, and a stained carpet. Angi has been giving me the email run around for 6 days now. Angi has no integrity in regard to their customers or their customer service. Their claim of “vetted professionals” and “happiness guarantee” is a joke and a scam! Save yourself the headache and don’t use Angi.

  12. I would like to leave a review for contractor, the name of the business is Envision Remodeling owned and operated by Sedake Briscoe in Irmo SC. I wanted an bathroom remodeled, The contractor was VERY professional, very work oriented, knew what I wanted done and they cleaned up after themselves. I am and would DEFINITELY recommend him to my friends and family.

  13. I used Sylvester electrical and they left a huge hole in my ceiling on a $5,000 job because the fan they installed did not fit our space and they did not bother to finish it. The fan had one quarter of the power of the fan we previously had. It wouldn’t make a candle Flicker and their technician had no respect at all for the fact that I was not satisfied or that they’re representative had promised me better . I am waiting for them to fix this Shaudy
    work. There person who came to evaluate our job promised me something much stronger that would work their technician had complete disrespect and install something crappy cheap of poor quality and did not do the job. I am waiting to hear back if they’re going to fix this inadequate work or not

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