If you are looking for how to leave a restaurant review on deliveroo then you are in right place. On this page, you will learn about how can give feedback to deliveroo restaurant. Keep reading the following paragraph to write a review on deliveroo.

Deliveroo is one of the best known online food ordering applications. To have a good reputation in the business you must have maximum positive reviews. Reviews play an important role in the good reputation of any business.

  • First of all, you don’t need to visit anything in order to leave a review on deliveroo. Once you have got your order then a pop message will show on your deliveroo app. It will ask you about how was your order. In this way, you can share your experience regarding any restaurant on deliveroo.
  • Secondly, you can also write a review on deliveroo on various platforms like Google reviews, trustpilot, and Yelp etc. Simply you can visit these websites easily leave your review regarding food orders.
  • The answer to your question on how can I leave a review on deliveroo is to use your email inbox. When you order something on the app then deliveroo send you a confirmation email of your order. You can reply to this email address and tell them about how was your experience.
  • You can also send your feedback by selecting “Send feedback” located at the bottom of the Menu in deliveroo app.

By following the above methods you can easily write your restaurant review on deliveroo app. Now you must read the following 6 interesting facts about the Deliveroo food ordering service.

6 Interesting Facts of Deliveroo You Must Read Below

1. Deliveroo WIKI

Deliveroo is an online food delivery service legally incorporated as Roofoods Ltd. Initially it was launched in 2013 in London, England.

The founder and CEO of deliveroo food service is William Shu. The other key people are Greg Orlowski, Dan Winn (CTO), and Rohan Pradhan (COO).


Afterward, deliveroo started a new program called Deliveroo Plus in November 2017. Basically, it is a subscription service for deliveroo unlimited free delivery service for the customers in the United Kingdom.

2. Deliveroo Headquarters


Deliveroo headquarters or head office is located in London, England. This service is now available in many other countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

3. Deliveroo Net Worth

deliveroo net worth

The total net worth of Deliveroo is £476 million till 2018. Now days deliveroo has become the most popular online food delivery service.

There are around 2,300 employees are working in deliveroo till 2020. If you want to become deliveroo driver then tell us in the comment section below. Our team will help you in this matter.

4. Deliveroo App

Deliveroo app has become more popular during pandemic days. Many people download this application and order food in their countries. Following are the links to download this deliveroo app.

  • Deliveroo app apk download for Android at this link.
  • Deliveroo rider app iOS for iPhone users at this link.

This application is very easy to use. Just sign up on the application and find your favorite food and then order it. During sign up, you have to enter your email and phone number and also mention your delivery address.

5. Deliveroo sign up Bonus Offer


You can get deliveroo most amazing bonus offer of 10 pounds on new sign up. Now easily get £10 off across your first 4 deliveries from Deliveroo (£2.50 a time).

In order to get this offer, you just need to sign up on the app. You can download the app for android and iOS on the above links. This reward is useable within 30 days.

6. How to Refund Deliveroo

If you are searching for how to refund deliveroo then you can get it here. You can see refunded orders on your invoice just under the ‘Additional fees’ as Refund debit.

In order to get a refund on delivery, you just need to get your latest invoice. You can get your latest invoice by logging into the Restaurant Hub.

Deliveroo will send you an email (you’ll receive it at midnight) which inform you regarding those orders who have been refunded that day and also with the reason why.

Deliveroo Customer Support Service for any Complain


If you are facing any kind of problem and want to complain about deliveroo then you can contact them at customer support service phone number or email address.

Both options are available here. You can send an email to deliveroo customer service address which is you can also try phone number +44 203 699 9977.

Those customers who are living in the Netherlands and having any complaints or questions then they can contact at these customers can also try deliveroo customer care service phone number +31 88 3354837.

People using deliveroo app in Hong Kong can contact at customer support service email

That’s all. If you need further help then you can tell us in the comment section below. WikiAns team will try to reach you as soon as possible. If you like this information then please shares it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family.


WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to leave a review on deliveroo app. If you are facing any problems in order to leave your review then you can also write your review in the comment section below.

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7 thoughts on “How to leave a restaurant review on Deliveroo App [Updated 2023]”
  1. Order at your own RISK! Despite the first point in DELIVEROO FAQs is assuring consumers that it is their absolute priority to offer the safest service… we ordered from KEBAB & GRILL CORNER INDIAN AND TURKISH CUISINE and the delivery took more than an hour. Mango lassi became hot drink and all the food were cold. Delivery guy was unkept and did not wear mask and gloves. Sloppy dress and wore a pair of sandals. Hygiene is so crucial now when we are facing COVID! We threw away all the food as we do not wish to risk food contamination. and the best part, DELIVEROO couldn’t do anything as the driver is from the restaurant. Our feedback went deaf on them and the consumers were left hungry and with a bag of contaminated food!

    We hope DELIVEROO should honour your promise in the FAQs and terms so that the consumers have a piece of mind when ordering the list of restaurants under Deliveroo! Not merely about business. We are talking about safety of the general public!

  2. I’m so unhappy with Deliveroo I just deleted the app. I will never use Deliveroo service again as I could not eat my food and they would not help me in any way. I will tell anybody who will listen that you are an awful app and you tell your customers there’s nothing you can do for them when there is plenty you can do to help, when their meal is gross or unbeatable. I left an amazing review earlier saying Deliveroo is great! Well now I take that back as they are bloody awful and your better off going to a takeaway yourself and picking it up at least you know what your getting then.

  3. Avoid at all costs !!

    My past 2 orders I have had refunded my last order arrive after 3 hours freezing cold.

    I have just placed an order tonight to find out the restaurant had stoped trading with Deliveroo 2 moths ago and they havnt taken them off there system,

    I found this out because it said my order had been delivered, i rang the restaurant who told me they don’t use Deliveroo. I phoned Deliveroo who told me to wait for my order so I explained what I had found out. Put on hold around 4 times to be told nothing or given no compensation.

    They need to look into the restaurant who work with them and see if they actually are still using them.

    If your looking to use this company to partner with I would think again not enough drivers and they don’t know who they work with.

    I have deactivated my account. Will not be using them again.

  4. Deliveroo isn’t a reliable app, risky, don’t waste your money like how mine got wasted.
    First time ordering and I was highly disappointed, even deleted the app.
    Made an order, waited a while to get the order.
    Checked the app to assess what was up, noticed driver had called 1 minute ago, he was still on his way at this point as demonstrated on the app , called back immediately, I was getting an automated message like those business customer service lines.
    He called later when he had arrived, I picked and was trying to know where precisely he was cause I was in a big hotel, and I had put in the extra description of my location – 8th floor with room no, so needed to know where I’d meet him cause I didn’t know where exactly he was , he just said ‘I am here’ , while on the call with him I was trying to figure out where exactly he was, the only info given at this point by him was ‘ I am here’ then the call ended abruptly, I called his line severally immediately afterwards but it was still that automated customer service message, the guy didn’t even bother calling back. I went round checking cause I was really hungry and been expecting the food since, didn’t see him. Remember this is a rider that I have no info on, the only way to reach/ assess him was through his phone no that was not available.
    Just for me to get a notification that the driver left. Met the receptionist cause I assumed he’d have dropped with em before leaving since it is a hotel, it is considered a safe place , to my surprise he didn’t .
    I tried searching for customer contact to call, didn’t see any of such just live chat, I explained my complaint , summary of what the agent said (Kareem guy) , there’d be no refund/ credit / redelivery of order cause the rider attempted delivery. And rudely ended the live chat while I was still typing . I was even expecting I’d get my ordered meal back atleast even if I’ve to repay delivery cause the total meal cost was approximately 25 pounds
    My dears , don’t waste your money
    I ordered from another app(Uber eats) instantly and it was seamless even with less cost

  5. Great article! I’m glad you addressed the issue of incorrect ratings. I’ve had several experiences where I’ve given a restaurant a good rating, but the order didn’t show up or it was incorrect. It’s frustrating and can really affect the business. Thanks for shedding light on this topic!

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