how to lave a review on grubhub

If you are looking for how to write a review on Grubhub app then you are in right place. On this page, you will about how you can leave a restaurant review on Grubhub. Keep reading below.

  • In order to leave a review on Grubhub, find the restaurant page on app.
  • Then you have to look at their menu page.
  • On this page, you can see a “review button”.
  • Tab on review button to write your reviewor experience with Grubhub driver or a restaurant on it.

You might have not seen this button. Don’t worry; you can also leave a review on Grubhub by sending an email to them. This can be done right after the placing of an order.

In this email, you will be asked by Grubhub that “how was your order”? You can easily leave or write a review on Grubhub restaurant by using this email reply service.

Another method to leave a review on Grubhub is to use a review link. This link will be sent to you by the Grubhub team and ask you how your meal was from the restaurant you select.

Use this link to give a star rating to a restaurant and write your experience with it. If you have any questions more on it, then you can tell us in the comment section below. Our expert team will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Grubhub Customer Reviews and Ratings

People can easily watch Grubhub customer reviews and ratings on a particular restaurant’s menu page. Reviews play an important role in the credibility of any organization.

These are also helpful for new customers who want to buy something. Positive reviews will build your good reputation online. So, it’s very necessary for restaurant owners to show their reviews.

If this feature is not available on your menu’s page then you can contact your account advisor. They are very similar to asos.

Important Guidelines to leave a review on Grubhub

In this article you have already read that how do you leave a review on Grubhub. If you have don’t read it yet then you can read the above. Here we will discuss some important guidelines to write a review on Grubhub.

Reviews are very important for new and existing customers. Your reviews will also build a good or bad reputation for any restaurant. You can also help them by telling them what needs to be improved.

Basically user content is much more important for Grubhub. That’s why follow the instructions in order to leave feedback on Grubhub.

  • Write personal experience: First of all, write your own experience with the restaurant. You can also write about experience with the delivery service.
  • Be honest: In order to write a feedback on Grubhub. Because your reviews will help other people who are thinking any food.
  • Review credibility: it’s depending upon ordering of your order. Grubhub wants to ensure that you have tasted the food produced by restaurant and had a true experience with the restaurant.
  • Length of review: Your review should consist of two or more sentences on how was your dining experience. If you write too small or too large then it will not helpful for others.
  • Spelling and grammar: Grubhub are not sticklers, but they pay attention to spelling or grammar mistakes. That’s why you have to be avoiding it.
  • Profanity: Should not use of curse or some kind of personal attacks. If your experience was not good then you can use words like, unpleasant, disappointing or unappetizing.
  • Your review will be published after 48 hours. After that time if your review is not published then take a look on it and edit your review according to the above guidelines.

That’s all the guidelines to write a good review on Grubhub.

How to become a Grubhub driver

Here you will know about how you can become a Grubhub driver. First of all, below are the few things that describe why you should join Grubhub. Let’s see below

  • They provide quick application process, and flexibility in the schedule.
  • You can earn from every mile you drive and also with every delivery.
  • Similar you can get 100% of your tips.
  • Drivers can make money on their terms. No small talk and no passengers.
  • The best thing is no need of delivery experience. Also no interview and no resume.
  • Drivers can also get personal protective equipment for their health & safety by contact on Grubhub delivery department.

Requirements for Grubhub Delivery Driver

Following are the few things which are required for Grubhub delivery boy.

  • You are age must be at least 19+ years. In Chicago and Las Vegas you must be 21+ years old.
  • Applicants must have an iPhone 11 or more. Those who have Android 5.0 or more are also eligible for this job. One thing must know you should have data package plan.
  • You should have enabled data plan on the smart phone.
  • Applicants must have checking account for direct deposit of money.

Requirements to becoming Grubhub car driver

Those people who want to become a partner with Grubhub and they have a car then must have the following things.

All the applicants must have a valid driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years.

They should also have auto insurance.

Grubhub Partner Using Bicycle

Those applicants who want to join Grubhub using bicycles must have a valid state ID.

How to apply for Grubhub Driver

Now you will learn about how you can apply for Grubhub driver. First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Grubhub driver. Then you just need to press the “blue button” available on the “Apply to Driver page”.

You can also apply for Grubhub driver by using a mobile phone app. Just click on the three lines which are available on the upper right corner of the Grubhub driver application.

You can apply directly for Grubhub driver by using the android or iOS app. The apply button is available in the bottom of sign-in page.

How to cancel an order on Grubhub

If you are looking for how to cancel Grubhub order then you are in right place. Here you will know how you can cancel an order from Grubhub.

You can easily cancel your order on Grubhub by simply contact the customer care service number of Grubhub (877) 585-1085. We recommend, first, you should call the restaurant directly to cancel the order before its preparation.

They can easily start the cancellation process of an order. Otherwise, you can contact Grubhub customer care by email or phone number. You’ll probably want to call where you’re purchasing.

It’s my understanding that after you place your order grub hub is just about removed and you’re left handling the restaurant directly.

How to get in touch with Grubhub

The answer to the question that; how do you contact Grubhub is simply calling at (877) 585-1085. You can also use the Grubhub restaurant care number at (877) 799-0790.

Their email address is This email ID helps restaurant owners with them any complaints. Restaurant Care is available to answer from 8 AM – 9 PM daily.

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16 thoughts on “How To Leave A Review On Grubhub App [Latest 2024]”
  1. Absolutely terrible service- driver argued with restaurant about our order stating it was only 4 items when it was about 10. Majority of our party didnt get food because of him- will never utilize grub hub again.


      1. Hi Phaedra Speight,
        Thanks for asking us. Don’t worry they will refund you if you didn’t get your order. For more help, please call at grubhub customer service phone number.

  2. Horrible service GrubHub sucks. Either your order is wrong, your order is cold, or you don’t even get it at all. You try to contact them they talk to you like you’re stupid. I’ve been trying to place an order for well over an hour using several different cards and still can’t get my order to go through because grub hub don’t know what they doing they suck and I suggest no one uses them ever again.

  3. The worst thing is restaurants that no longer use grub hub are still on the app or on vacation you wait and then they send a text that your order isn’t available this is unacceptable take them off the sight
    And when you have ordered to three places in one night and they all can’t deliver makes a bad night for me and they never send a receipt to my email ever anymore

  4. Grubhub’s customer service is terrible. All those agents care able are their ratings.
    Tonight I had an agent refuse to refund my order because the eta was coming up soon. Are they kidding me?!? A driver hadn’t been assigned to it! I couldn’t believe she was even trying to convince me of that point. Not even convince. She flat out said she was not canceling it because the eta was soon. I was canceling my order because I refused to wait two hours for it NOT to be picked up by a driver.
    Eventually, the agent put me on hold so I would have to disconnect the call and not be able to leave a bad review about her.
    Nope, never again! I deleted the app and canceled my membership. Now I’ll go on Facebook and post my bad experiences there too.

  5. HORRIBLE!!! Do not use!!!!! This app has cancelled 5+ of my orders after I’ve placed them and the orders that did arrive were LATE AND WRONG! The customer service is horrible! Do yourself a favor – do NOT use this app!

  6. Need to add that review cannot be done using Firefox or Chrome. The button to leave a review only populated when I got on MS Edge.

  7. Looks like Grub Hub has the same issues that I’ve gone through. I’ve ordered food twice and twice they cancelled my order. First driver apparently picked up my order and didn’t deliver. But he went in the app to have the order reassigned to another driver. 2nd driver arrived and my order had already been picked up. Needless to say, I never received any food. Seriously… why can’t Grub Hun get their act together. Obviously I will NEVER use Grub Hun again.

  8. This is my second time using GrubHub, and it will be my last. The driver did not place the correct order due to the limited descriptions of the restaurant menu on the Grubhub website. The website does not allow you to customize the items in your order at least for the Taco Casa restaurant. The driver never questioned an item being listed as one taco for $20.15. It shows as Crunchy Tacos 12pcs for $20.15 under The Casa portion of the menu, but when the order is placed it shows up as one taco. I have asked for a refund.

    1. Yes Grubhub is worst delivery service and I’m still having a hard time getting a refund for two orders I never received. The orders were not cheap neither never again will I ever use grubhub.

  9. My first experience with Grubhub was a nightmare. I try to cancel an order with KFC and they didn’t do it, they just proceeded as nothing was happening. That is not the worst. The driver that was delivering the food was disrespectful and not nice leaving the food on the entrance of the door. Didn’t even have the respect to knock at the door. This is not the form to leave food, you can do that with another package , but not with food and dare to send me a photo and a message to evaluate the service. You deserve )0 or F. You are the worst thing that happened in my life. I will never use your services again. Hope a lot of people can read this.

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