Doordash is the largest online food delivery service. Many people use doordash to order food online on daily basis.

If you are looking for how to leave a review on doordash app then you are in right place. Here you will learn a simple and easy step by step process to write a review on doordash.

  1. In order to leave a review on doordash app, just visit the merchant portal of doordash here.
  2. Now here you can see the tab “Orders”, click on it.
  3. In this step, you can rate a dasher according to the experience with him by selecting “Rate”.
  4. You can give a rating on doordash app in the form of three options: Poor, Good, or Great!
  5. If your experience is not good with the dasher then you can select “Poor”.
  6. A new menu will appear and you have to choose an appropriate reason from the list.
  7. Once you have done, click on the “Submit” button.

In this way, you can leave or write a doordash review. If you are unhappy and want to blacklist a dasher then you can select “unprofessional” from the list and after checking the box you can submit your feedback.

Give positive or negative Dasher rating on doordash app

 Doordash app users have also the option to give positive or negative dasher ratings. In order to give a rating on the doordash tablet, just visit the “Order Manager app”.

Here you can see “how was your dasher?” click on it. You will see a screen, write your appropriate feed, and leave a review for the dasher.

How to improve doordash customer rating

If you are searching for how to improve doordash customer rating then you can get the best answer here. Here we will show some tips to improve the rating on doordash. Normally a good customer rating is 7.0 or above.

Customer rating on the doordash app is varying for many different reasons. Basically, the customers are unpredictable but here are some tips by which you can improve and increase customer rating on doordash.

  • Positive communication with the customer will directly affect your rating on doordash. If the order is a delay or there is some kind of another problem then you can communicate with the customer.
  • You can tell them the cause of the delay. If you have successfully completed your ride then you can leave a happy message for the customer in the following way.

“Hi(name of customer)! Thanks for using DoorDash. If you like the service you received today please use the app to give a 5 star rating!”

A client who has communicated their happiness with the administration will be thankful to give you a decent rating.

  • Increase rating by the good community on doordash platform. If you are good at scheduled orders then businesses will pay good money and also give you a good rating. You can also increase your customer rating on doordash by providing dinner as easily as possible, communicating well, showing up on time, and being polite. Family communities will remember you for a long time and you can ask for a 5-star rating.
  • Best Time of Day plays an important role in increasing your rating as a dasher. If you are willing to deliver orders in the evening then there are some changes to improve your rating. You can get a 5-star rating if all goes right. In the event that something turns out badly, you would prefer not to request a 5-star rating and end up with a low rating.
  • Let’s see the process of buffalo wild wings cancel order.
  • Read the Instructions carefully will also a great addition to your rating. When you will follow the specific instructions written by the customer then you can get 5 stars rating. Information in this location is intended to help you discover the client’s location, yet a few clients submit their food request directions in this area, so you won’t see them until you have just gotten the DoorDash request and are prepared to leave the store. This company is very similar to UberEats, Just Eats and deliveroo.
  • Be patient and kind with the restaurant employees they remember you and will almost meet you at the door to give you the DoorDash order. You should not be nasty so that they will remember you and make you wait. Try to reach the restaurant on time so that you can complete your delivery ride at a right time.

How to read restaurant reviews on doordash

Here is the best solution to read restaurant reviews on doordash. In order to see restaurant reviews on doordash just follow the simple steps.

  1. First of all, just download the “doordash driver app”.
  2. You can download it for free on both platforms iOS and Android .
  3. Open the doordash driver app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Here you can see the option of “Rating” click on it.
  5. In this step, you can see the customer reviews located alongside detailed information regarding your “Dasher stats”.

This android and apple mobile phone application are very simple to use. Make sure to utilize the Schedule section to make plans for deliveries, check the Earnings segment to perceive the amount you’ve acquired on a given day, month, or week.



WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to leave and read a doordash review. Here you have also learned about how to improve and increase customer rating. If you don’t get the answer and have some issues then you can contact us in the comment section below.

Our expert team will try to reach you as soon as possible. If you want to know more about doordash then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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24 thoughts on “How to leave or write a review on Doordash [Updated 2023]”
    1. Maybe you just can’t afford it. If you do not like DOORDASH. Get off your butt and drive somewhere. The fee is for the driver and your convenience of sitting at home. Also, DOORDASH fee is NOT A TIP.

      1. Just so you know, the fee is not for the driver. All of the discounts that doordash offers their employees, is at the drivers expense. Doordash literally pays its employees the bare minimum and that is what brings you free delivery. They offer discounts on the services of the delivery driver while charging at least 50% more for menu items and on top of it, they are making hand over fist on the monthly and yearly subscriptions by false advertising and externalizing the cost at the expense of the delivery driver. Don’t go through Doordash, they are the epitome of corrupt and greed.

  1. Horrible service. Horrible people. They just charge cards on your account. They don’t care. Fraud. Do not use ever do not use. Don not use they do not care

  2. Worst company to receive delivery from. I have used all of them and DoorDash by far is the absolute worst. In my area, every time I order there is an item missing. So many times I have had to submit a request to be refunded for the missing item. I mean every single time there is at LEAST one item missing. Last night I used them. I have used them just once in the last month. Before this past month I used DD multiple times a week because of where I work and being unable to leave. I repeatedly gave them chances. Over and over again I would order, and I would receive incorrect items or would be missing items all together. More frequently being the latter. So, I thought using them last night for the first time in a while that I should be okay. Wrong. I paid literally 30 dollars for food which is just mind blowing in itself. The “dasher” called me from the restaurant and stated that the merchant would only give her one frozen coke. I had ordered for just two people, getting two frozen cokes. She stated they would only be able to give her one. So, I said okay and told her to take it off my order. She said she would. When she dropped the food off she said again that she had reached out to door dash support and the drink would be refunded. I waited 24 hours and still nothing. So, I reached out to support. They told me I would not be “compensated” for the drink due to the amount of times I have had to be refunded. I talked with several people. 6 in total. I was told the same thing every time. Because of the horrible service I had received previously with missing items and having to be refunded for things I did not receive, that they couldn’t process another refund. Even though the merchant literally refused to give me what I purchased and the driver reached out to DoorDash to tell them to take one of the drinks off. I was told I would not be getting anything back even though I did not receive the product I ordered. I am truly disgusted by this company. They have done this before and I have told myself not to use them again, and here I am with the same problem. They quite literally stole from me.
    It was a cut and dry situation. The driver called me and said “you ordered two drinks but the restaurant will only give me one” and so I told her to take it off my order. She agreed. And doordash support has told me due to the “refunds” on my account that I would not receive any type of refund this time. Even though it was proven that I did not receive the goods that I paid for. I am literally mind blown. I have never written a negative review like this before. But, I can’t believe that they admitted to seeing that I did not receive what I paid for and are telling me I have to pay for it anyways. Thieves in the most blatant way. I will never use this app again and have already deleted my account. Disgusting company.

    1. I’ve been using Door Dash at least twice a week for the past 6 months and only twice have I had something wrong with my order; once we received someone else’s order and then today we had hotcakes missing from an order. Both times, I went into the “rate your order” on the app and under the restaurant review clicked on “report problem with your order” and received credit instantly both times. *Note: both of these incidents were no fault of my Dasher because the bags were sealed by the restaurant!!* All of my other deliveries haven’t been in sealed bags so my dashers have been vigilant at insuring the accuracy of my orders.
      I don’t know where you live or if your orders have been from the same restaurants making mistakes or if you’re incredibly unlucky and have had multiple restaurants making errors. My overall experience of using home delivery via door dash, waitr, shipt, and Instacart has been mostly positive and I use them wherever I go…. Multiple cities and even another state a few times. I understand your frustrations but I also understand the reasoning of them not wanting to refund you. First, the merchant is actually the one who does the refunding if you immediately report it via the app rating system. The messages come to you via Door dash with prewritten responses that the merchant (restaurant) can choose from. Therefore, it’s the fault of the merchant and not door dash (as was the error in the order to begin with) and I would suggest contacting the restaurant directly if you’re being refused a refund.
      Door dash has policies in place for a reason and repeated requests for refunds can be seen as suspicious, especially if it’s not a common occurrence in your delivery area or particular restaurants. Mind you, I said SEEMS suspicious and I am in no way implying that you are wrong. I myself am the most unlucky person when it comes to ordering and getting deliveries from Amazon and I use to work customer support for them. Haha Anyways, don’t take it personally. Saying this from my own experiences. It’s not always the company (door dash) fault. Consider your merchant(s) and maybe give THEM the bad rating instead or inclusively.

  3. I had food delivered to me for the first time through door dash the food was good and on time but the delivery person was filthy disgusting wore a pair of boxer shorts hair was greasy as hell and didn’t bother to come to the door called me to come outside. You would think that they would have to be presentable and clean.

    1. I hope your food was in a sealed bag 😳 because that’s a scary sight. You’re definitely right feeling this way because I wouldn’t want a dirty, greasy slob waiting on me or delivering my food inside a restaurant. Unfortunately, since these are contract employees there really is no way for the company itself to monitor a dress code or hygiene. However, it would make sense if the merchant (restaurant) would not accept this and would report it immediately! Fortunately, if this driver is given enough bad ratings then their app to deliver will become disabled. There’s also a section on the ratings where you can mark as unprofessional and this will basically block that person from seeing your future orders and not be your Dasher again. I’m not sure of the accuracy of this but several dashers have told me about this.
      On a side note: I once watched an episode of Addicted and there was a couple desperate to score some heroin before they stated to detox. None of their family would give money so they decided to make some on their own…. Yup via Door Dash. They turned on their delivery app, accepted a few deliveries and bam… Had their dope money. I never thought about a delivery driver being so unprofessional but sounds to me like maybe your driver was like these two. Especially not wanting to even get out of the car…. Maybe already beginning to detox? Scary. Hope your next experiences aren’t this way.

  4. Scam company just like most high tech company. They try everything to get you in and hooked then they start their trucks and games to break your pocket and make changes non stop, without you even realize it. This companies are not controlled by the government and they make their own rules and regulations. As a driver you make less than minimum wage here in California and plus your to cover for your gas, and maintenance of the car.
    I hate this companies, making empty hopes, No Schedule available that means no work and no money available!!!!!!
    They have more drivers than they really have business. As a driver you mostly waist your time driving around to get one delivery for $3.25-5.75 range.

    1. I make over 80$ a shift for 2-3 hours. I live in a small town. Dress clean. Be on time. And don’t spend 30 min getting 3 miles down the road.

  5. Carol W. From Canton/Lawrenceville Ga is and was amazing for our order. Arrived on time. Early. Hot. She even wrapped our cups in a bag to use as a cup holder, because the business did not have one. Great Dasher!!! Wore her mask and was very friendly. Took picture as well as rung door bell.

  6. Hi I am a doordash delivery driver and I have had several bad experiences with doordash. There is no real reason to sugar coat this so I am just going to be 100% blunt about it. If you are considering becoming a dasher, don’t. You are better off going to bite squad. Below are all the reasons doordash is a poor service to order from and deliver for.
    1. poor pay
    2. no guarantee on tips
    3. you’re not properly compensated when the merchants make a mistake and you have to redeliver
    4. the distance traveled isn’t worth the small amount of pay you get
    5. there is no true chain of command to deal with, everyone thinks they are managers
    6. merchants make you wait excess amounts of time to take possession of an order
    7. people are rude with customer service and customers
    8. doordash doesn’t genuinely care about the customers or the dashers
    There is more to say but I will leave you with this for now.

    1. I fully 100% agree. Ordering from doordash you see all of these discounts like free delivery. As if it’s something of theirs gifted to the customer. Free delivery is at the expense of the driver. Doordash externalizes the cost big time. They don’t give a rats a$$ about the customers or the drivers. What they do is the equivalent to if you and I had a landscaping job that was going to pay $1000, you would have to do all the work and I’ll be a call away (although I really am not) if you have any troubles completing the order. And when the jobs done, you get $50. Fair? I think not. I think door dash is a joke and highly recommend you to NOT support such a greedy, nasty company.

  7. It’s dashers like you that make using this service worthwhile. I have been living temporarily in another city for the past 6 months and have used Door Dash on average twice a week. It’s a predominantly college town so most of the dashers are college students and I often get the same ones delivering my food or groceries. These young adults work like you, several hours a day and bust their bums insuring quality service. Thanks for being a Dasher and providing this service. It’s hard dealing with the public and the only driver complaints I’ve ever seen like this guy’s are usually slackers that only “work” when they need quick cash and bash the company for their under par performance.

  8. Door Dash is a horrible corrupt company. Just placed an order, the money was taken out of my account than Door Dash cancelled the order. If you had a delivery problem, that should have been FIRST. Now, they tell me I have to wait 3-4 days for my refund. 😡 This is a very corrupt tactic. After I get my refund, if ever, I will never use Door Dash again, and will make sure I always speak and preach negatively about this corrupt company

  9. I am a dasher for Doordash. Too many times have they stolen money from me and my spouse. We waste our time getting to an order that promises a good payout and if the restaurant doesn’t have it ready yet then we wait and it removes the order from us while we wait because of “inactivity”. How is that our fault when the restaurant isn’t ready yet? If you are thinking about becoming a dasher or worker for this company, please save yourself the time and money that you will inevitably lose. They steal money, time, and when you call to say what happened all they will tell you is “sorry, there is nothing I can do” not to make up for lost time, money, or offer at least some type of reimbursement. This is an absolute terrible company to work for and today was my last day. In the end, it’s really not worth it.

  10. DoorDash is horrible. Drivers can pick up your food and then cancel the order and keep the food and money. The driver will then say that the client canceled the order. It’s such a scam.

  11. Ordered food that amounted around $40. The app decided to change delivery location without our say so; to the mall. The driver never contacted us that our food was here even though we pit in the instructions to “hand it to me directly.” Driver decides to just leave it in front of the movie theater. We called customer service and were told the address automatically changed because it was closer to the restaurant. Apparently the drivers are also not obligated to call and confirm when the food is here. We got $10 back. So on a $40+ order, we got no food and only the taxes back.

  12. Doordash took 73.80 out my account after I called in to only give a 20.00 tip to my dasher. Not only did they do this but they gave me the run around for about 2 hours about my money an put a fake supervisor on the phone. Doordash customer service sucks.

  13. I’ve had such a bad experience with doordash. I’ve received the wrong order so many times and they won’t give me a refund for some reason. I am a loyal dash pass customer for some time and they still give me the wrong order many times yet they still refuse to compensate me. I’m going to cancel my service. This is the worst delivery service I’ve used.

  14. I ordered from Wendy’s and the dasher picked up the wrong ordered at the time I thought they forgot some of my items actually it wasn’t my ordered at all. I’m glad I look at the burger before taking a bite because I’m Muslim and it had bacon on it. We don’t eat bacon it’s against our religion. Now door dash wants to give me the run around. Saying wait 24 hours we sent it to a specialist team they have told me this three times now. They don’t care about there customers at all.

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