If you are searching for how to return items clothes parcel order back to boohoo then you can get it here. How do i return my boohoo parcel? The answer is here. On this website, you will learn about how you can send any parcel or items back to boohoo.   So, keep reading this article till the end.

Brief Introduction to Boohoo

Boohoo was launched in 2006. It has become a leading online shopping platform for ladies. It has also launched another platform for men, named as BoohooMen.

Due to the largest demand of fashion products in women, boohoo is working day and night for you. They are dropping over 500 new products in every week so that every girl can get wardrobe of her dreams.

Boohoo love and focus on your individuality than your amazing style. They help women so that they look incredible on every occasion. Now below is the answer of boohoo how do i return?

Boohoo How To Return

If you are looking for boohoo how to return items then you are in right place, WikiAns. Let me ask you first, are you have been living in the United States or somewhere in the US?

If the answer is yes, then go ahead and read this simple following method of how to return on boohoo. This amazing method of how to return clothes to boohoo will help you perfectively.

Read carefully and apply the following steps in order to know about how to return items, things, clothes or any other stuff to boohoo.

  1. First of all, get log in into boohoo return portal us here.
  2. Now you have to tell them what you are returning and why. Fill out all the fields and take a print out of your returns label.
  3. Now attach the printed label with your parcel. (Keep in mind returns will cost you $4 and you can have the ability to track your parcel back to the US hub in New York).
  4. Send the boohoo parcel back to the US hub in New York by post.
  5. Keep the proof of postage with you. It will help you later.

Above steps are explained as the answer of how to return a boohoo order. Now read bellow to know about what will happen on other side at boohoo.

How boohoo will work next

  1. When you return will arrive back at boohoo, they will check and make sure all is in package. After that they will authorize your refund. Once they received your order back, they will refund you. The process of checking the parcel may consist of 3 days.
  2.  After that you can get your refund. The procedure of refunding back to your account may take up to 7 days. It does also depend on your bank’s processing time.
  3.  How long does a boohoo refund take? The answer is upto 7 days.
  4. That’s all. Are you ready to send a boohoo parcel back?

Press the following button to return an item or parcel to boohoo.

Important Note related to return items to boohoo.

In a scenario, like if there is difference between the value of the returns entered in the portal and the actual items received then boohoo reserve the right to recover any shortfall from you. Don’t need to be worried about it, if this will happen they will contact you first.

How Much Time do You Have to Return Items or Parcel Back to Boohoo

The time period of returning the items or parcel back to boohoo is of 28 days. In case, if you receive a wrong or incorrect package, then you will have the option to return it back to boohoo.

Those people who are living in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia they have time of 28 days to return boohoo parcel.

All the other international customers have 14 days to send back the boohoo items from the date of receiving them.

Keep following things in mind when you want to return a boohoo parcel

  • Boohoo doesn’t offer refunds on pierced jewellery and cosmetics or lingerie and swimwear if the hygiene seal has been broken or is it not in place.
  • Returning items or parcel must be unwashed and unworn.
  • Due to hygiene and health reasons, pierced jewellery cannot be returned.
  • If you have swimwear or underwear to return then it can only be happened if the hygiene seal has not been broken.
  • Products related to beauty and accessories are not returnable for hygiene reasons.
  • Shoes related products must be tried on indoors.
  • All the necessary tags must be attached with the returning parcel.
  • Place the item in original packaging in order to return it.

How do I return my parcel items clothes or stuff to boohoo?

Read the simple method in which you will learn about how to return items, clothes, package or parcel to boohoo.  The following method is also helpful for US and International customers in order to return a parcel on boohoo.

Here you will know about fast, TRACKABLE and low cost method to return boohoo clothes or any other package/parcel.

The international customers and people living in US will need to pay for their returns. The postage price is available in portal and you will be asked to print out the returns label and pay for postage at your near post office.

Keep in mind that use that service that is trackable and also get the proof of postage until you get your refund.

All the customers in US have 28 days to send back boohoo parcel, items, clothes, package or stuff like that from the day you receive them.

Read the following points carefully

  1. Use the original packaging to place the item.
  2. The second step is to get log in into boohoo returns portal. You can get it here.
  3. In order to get log in, you will need order number with email or last 4 digits of your mobile phone number.
  4. In this step, choose the preferred return option.  Take the print out of returns label.
  5. Attach these returns label to the returning boohoo package.
  6. Once you have done all the above described steps in the boohoo return portal then you are ready to post it off.
  7. It’s very necessary to keep the proof of postage until you get back your amount into your account.
  8. The time period of your boohoo refund will consist of up to 7 days and it will also depend upon on your bank’s processing time.
  9. Keep tracking your parcel. Once boohoo got your returned parcel, the team will email you.
  10. WikiAns team hope that you have learnt all the steps and ready to start a return on boohoo.
  11. Click the below button in order to “Start A Return”.

Due to some hygiene reasons, boohoo cannot offer refunds on cosmetics, swimwear or lingerie, fashion masks and pierced jewellery if the seal is no longer in place or it has been broken. Boohoo doesn’t provide any delivery note in the parcel.

Is Boohoo will exchange instead of a refund?

Unfortunately boohoo is not offering exchanges right now. In order to get new product you have to return your previous order to boohoo. This is the only way to get the product of your choice.

How much time is needed to get my refund?

If you use portal to return your parcel to boohoo then it can take up to 3 days. Your return will arrive to boohoo within 3 days, after that up to 7 days are require for your refund to visible in your account.

It will also depend upon your bank’s processing time. You will get refund into your account by the same payment method that you have used while placing order.

Once they confirmed your refund, they will send you an email. If it’s more than 14 days and you haven’t received your refund yet then you can email contact boohoo customer service number.  

What to do if I received a faulty or incorrect item?

Don’t be worried if you have got an incorrect or faulty item. You can simply contact boohoo service at here. You can also contact boohoo by tweeting them at @boohoo_cshelp.

In this situation, customers can raise this issue within the time period of 30 days from the receiving date of your order. Their customer service is great and they will surely help you.

What to do if I don’t have the original packaging?

Don’t you have the original packaging?  Don’t worry; it’s not a big problem. Simply pop your items in something non-see-through, waterproof and sealable.

Is it possible to return more than one order?

Yes, you can return more than one order to boohoo. In this situation, keep your orders separate. Don’t use 1 parcel to return more than 1 order because it will delay your refund.

How much time it will take to return the product?

The total time period will consist of up to 28 days from the date of your return. Once boohoo got the item back in their warehouse then the next procedure will take place.

  • Once they received your return back then they will check the items.
  • After all the checking process, they will refund back to your payment method.
  • Boohoo will send you emails on two occasions. Number one, when boohoo will get back your parcel and the second when they will process your refund. 
  • The funds should visible on your financial statement in up to 7 working days. If you obtained your order with a gift or coupon voucher or store credit, this can be credited back to your account.

Can I exchange my item on boohoo?

No, you don’t have the option to exchange an item on boohoo but you can return them. Once your returning process will complete, you can place a new order of your choice. Read the complete method of how to return items on boohoo

I am outside of the returns policy; would I be able to return?

Boohoo will give a time period of 28 days to return the parcel or any other item that you have bought.  Boohoo will not accept any return after 28 days.

Can Boohoo refund the delivery charge?

No, they don’t.  Boohoo will not refund shipping charges for those countries outside the EEA.


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