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Poly mailers known as poly bags are also made from a type of plastic “polythene.” The mailers come in various sizes and shapes to meet the customer’s needs. Further, these mailers are strong and cheap to meet the overall storing needs of sellers as well. In addition, from food items to clothing and cosmetics these mailers are ideal for use. Ultimately, the special material makes them flexible and long-lasting. Also, these mailers are high in shipping requests. They are waterproof, so your products stay safe till their end. Let’s know everything you need to know about poly mailers!

What Are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are strong, frothy packets prepared from polythene plastic. As well, they select for shipping and mailing of diverse kinds of items. Plus, they come in diverse dimensions and patterns and this feature makes them idyllic for all in supplies.

Why are these mailers important?

These compact mailers are main for a few reasons such as below!

  • Protection and control

Poly mailers protect your items during the shipping procedure. No doubt, they prevent your goods from moisture, humidity, and uneven handling. Well, their strong material confirms that these bags will not be torn by scrapes.

  • Cost-effective shipping

The mailers are frothy and easy to carry. Thus, these packets are a wise and smart choice to decrease the shipping cost for bulk deliveries. They come with secure closure locks, which can save you money for packaging tapes.

  • Handy and customizable

Custom mailers are hand and stackable as well. This quality makes them user-friendly options for shipping. Instead, you can customize these mailers per your product’s scope. Whether you use them for your own or business needs.

What Are Poly Mailers Used for?

The poly mailers are ideal for multiple-product mailing and shipping. Well-known brands and sellers believe these mailers for a secure worldwide delivery of goods. These untearable bags protect the goods throughout the transit, which improves brand image.

Also, these mailers are easily customizable which is why many industries love to use them for their goods. Still, the availability of various sizes and designs make them eye-catching and increase the unboxing experience for the buyers.

Have a look at the diverse uses of these mailers:

  • E-commerce shipping

Firstly, poly mailers are the go-to choice for online retailers. Certainly, these packets protect the goods like clothing, accessories, and cosmetics items in the course of shipping.

  • Fashion industry

The fashion industry widely uses these mailers to deliver their clothing items. Yet, the waterproof nature of these packets ensures that your clothes remain in pristine condition.

  • Papers and documentation

These mailers are the best option for mailing and shipping of papers or documents. Hence, by using these custom mylar bags you can ship catalogs, brochures, and other on-paper stuff safely.

  • Marketing and branding

Businesses can tailor these mailers with their brand logos, brand colors, and the tale of the brand. Yet, this is an ideal means for branding and marketing, to expand brand status.

  • Small business

The businesses that cannot manage to pay for expensive packaging or shipping solutions, these mailers are the best choice for them. Thus, these mailers are cost-effective and money-saving shipping solutions for small businesses.

  • Soft goods

These mailers are a great option for shipping soft goods. So, you can use them for toys, blankets, linens, and more things that need great safety.

  • Protection from components

Lastly, are you selling small items like mini toys or jewels? Well, these packets can be a smart option to deliver your items securely.

What Are Poly Mailers Made of?

Poly mailers are made from polythene plastic. This material is famous for its durability and power.  Also, this plastic material is watertight to keep the items from getting wet. Plus, they are ideal for small and handy items. But, polythene plastic also has two sorts, let’s know about them below:

  • Low-density polythene

Well, the low density is soft and bendy for many items. It is usually used for poly packets to make them water-resistant. These low-density packets are ideal for frothy items.

  • High-density polythene

High-density mailers are stronger than normal packets. These mailers are specially designed to ship weightier products. Even better, they are strong, water-resistant, and secure for all types of goods.

Is a Poly Mailer Considered an Envelope or Package?

A poly mailer is considered a type of envelope instead of a package. For example, you can box as an alternative to cartons. So, the same goes for mailers as well as they cast off as envelopes. They are lightweight and flexible for a variety of items.

After all, they are a superb choice for shipping and mailing small and flat items like clothing, makeup kits, documentation, and more.

Custom Mylar Bags Vs. Poly Mailers

Custom Mylar bags and poly mailers both are famous packaging solutions. However, they are quite different from each other. Moreover, the inventor of poly mailers has yet to be discovered, but who invented Mylar is clear and crystal.  

Let’s do a simple comparison:

Material Difference

  • Mylar bags – Mylar bags are made from a polyester film that is tough and allows impermeable sealing
  • Poly mailers – Poly mailers are made from polythene plastic which is prominent for its elasticity and power of damp control

Purpose and Use

  • Mylar bags – Mylar bags are the perfect option for food items to preserve their taste and essence
  • Poly mailers – Poly mailers are the perfect option for various drives such as clothing, certification, etc.


  • Custom mylar bags – Custom mylar bags protect the content from outer risks such as light, oxygen, and damp
  • Poly mailers – Poly mailers are water-resistant but may not offer the extreme guard as mylar bags


  • Custom mylar bags – Customized mylar bags allow a huge variety of personalization for ultimate branding and marketing
  • Poly mailers – Poly mailers can be customized but have some boundaries in terms of designs

Wrapping Up

Without any doubt, poly mailers play a dynamic role in shipping. These exclusive mailers are strong and handy for all types of goods. Also, you can use them for e-commerce deliveries, clothing, and papers. Plus, they offer customizing options and are cheap for minor businesses. Lastly, we should note that these mailers are quite diverse from custom mylar bags.

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