How To Leave A Review On Styleseat

If you are searching for how to leave a review on Styleseat then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can write a review on Styleseat.

This brand also provides a platform for independent beauty artists to grow their businesses online. Styleseat has become a bridge between customers and beauty professionals.

Leave a review on Styleseat is an easy and quick process. You just need to visit your email inbox and find previous bookings. There you will see a link to write a review on Styleseat. The complete step by step process is explained below.

How To Leave A Review On Styleseat

How to Leave a Review on Styleseat

If you are wondering where to give feedback to a beauty consultant at Styleseat then don’t worry here is the solution.  

Your reviews will build the online reputation of your beauty consultant. In order to leave a review on Styleseat, apply the following steps carefully.

  1. First, you need to open Styleseat app.
  2. Then log in to your account.
  3. Next, go to app menu and click at “Appointments” button.
  4. Further tap at “View Past Appointments”.
  5. Find the previous appointment and click at “Leave a review on Styleseat”.
  6. Lastly, once you done click at “Submit” button.

By using the above steps, you can write a review on Styleseat. Basically, submitting a review is a very difficult process for users.

Our recommendation to beauty experts is to make the reviews process very easy for customers. That’s why following information is very important for beauty professionals to get more positive reviews from clients.

How do I write a review on Styleseat?

Writing a review on Styleseat is not an easy process for clients. If you are using Styleseat to operate your business then make it simple for your clients to give feedback for you.

Customers can write a review on Styleseat by using an emailed link.

  • Go to your inbox, open the email that you got from Styleseat after the appointment.
  • Click on the link to write a review.
  • Alternatively, click on the link contained in text message, you’ve received after the appointment.

By using the above, steps you can submit your feedback on Styleseat. However, if you haven’t got the email then ask for it from your service provider on Styleseat.

Tips to get more reviews on Styleseat

If you want to get more reviews on Styleseat then ask for them. Create the importance of reviews for your clients. Once you completed your job ask for a review in the following way.

  • You can use StyleSeat’s client notes for reviews. This feature will help you to keep track of your client’s reviews.
  • Avoid asking for reviews twice to your client.
  • Further you can ask for reviews on social media.
  • For past appointments, send them an email to ask for review.
  • Let your client know how much reviews are important for you and your business.

In order to get more reviews from your clients, give them a reward program. Your clients just need motivation so offer them incentives.

These tips and tricks should be part of your marketing strategy. You can send an email to your customers in the following way.

“Take a free of cost treatment with your next haircut by leaving a review today”.

Your subject line should consist of incentives. It will encourage your customers to open the email. Satisfied customers will happy to leave a review for you.

If they are not happy with your services then try to improve yourself and also guide them

How To Edit/Delete A Review On Styleseat

If you want to edit a review on Styleseat then you have 30 days after the appointment. Unfortunately, customers can not delete a review but they can edit it online.

You can also give a star rating to your service provider on Styleseat. Customers can leave one review after one appointment including a written review.

  • To edit Styleseat review, login to your account.
  • Next, open “My appointments” tab.
  • Then click at “Past appointments”.
  • Find the review that you want to edit it on Styleseat.
  • Lastly, click on “submit” button to save the changes.

Styleseat Customer Service Email

If you need more information and related any services then you can contact through Styleseat customer service email

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to leave a review on Styleseat. However, you can also share your reviews and experiences in the comment box given below.

Be honest while writing your review in the comment space because it will help new customers in future.

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