How to Leave a Review on Steam [Updated 2023]

The best answer to how to leave a review on steam is here. Here you will get complete detail upon how to leave a game review on steam. To review a game on steam, you can simply visit the store page of the game.

On the store page, you can write a game review on steam. You can also submit a review on the steam game by clicking “write a review” located on the right side of your game page in the library.

This was the easiest and simple method to leave feedback on Steam games. In order to learn how to write a review on steam, first learns why steam reviews are important.

Why Writing a Game Review on Steam is Important?

Steam reviews are really important. These reviews are important for a small independent steam game developer. Basically, steam reviews are everything for game developers.

Research shows, 90% of people first look at reviews before they purchase anything online. It is also important in the sense of promoting a game on Steam.

By the use of reviews, Steam determines which games to promote. Lots of people also think about how many reviews we can write on Steam.  You can write as many reviews as you can, but a review should be related to the game.

By writing a review on Steam, you can tell other people how your experience was. Be honest in order to write a review because it will become helpful material for other people on Steam.

How to Leave or Write a Game Review on Steam

In order to leave or write a game review on Steam, the first login into your Steam account. Visit the webpage of Steam and then sign in to your Steam account. The remaining steps of how do I write a game review on Steam are as follows.

Step 1: First of all, go to Steam website and login into your account.

Step 2: Find that game you want to review.

how do i submit or write a review on steam

Step 3: Now click on “Store Page”. Move down to the page until you see a “review box”.

how to leave a review on steam

Step 4: In the review box, you can write a “steam game review”. After writing it, select thumbs up or thumbs down.

Your feedback and reviews are very helpful for developers in order to fix any problem in the game. You can tell them your suggestions and opinions regarding any game.

Step 5: Once you have done, click on the “Post review” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: That is all. Sit back and feel relaxed. Your developer will make more awesome games for you.

How to Review a Game on Steam without Purchasing?

Purchase is not required to review a game on Steam. You can leave a review for any product in your Steam account. The option of writing a review is available for both free games and registered games.

You can write a review for any steam product in your account. Your review will show your playtime of a game. You can still leave a review on Steam if you don’t own it.

If you’ve played a game on Steam through family sharing or during a free weekend, you can leave a review on it.


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  1. people who would ask such a question are probably can’t just do that and how to write a review

    1 region-locked game. the game is the same but it has a different steam ID
    2 some of the DLCS
    3 some games removed from the store (they still appear on your friend list)
    4 games where the store page doesn’t let you review it at all

  2. It won’t let me leave a review. There’s no review box and there’s nothing on my library page. The game just plain won’t run and I can’t warn other purchasers not to buy this garbage game.


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