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If we talk about fee-free financial services provider companies, then Chime bank will surely come to our minds. This is a neobank company which is located in America, USA.

Basically, Chime uses mobile application to provide its services. This company does not charge overdraft or monthly fees and also do not has any physical branch.

According to the facts available on the internet, the number of account holders in chime are more than 8 million till February 2020.

How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Chime

As all people know, Chime does not have any physical branch; that’s why people want to communicate customer service through chime online support.

In order to speak or talk to a live person at chime, carefully apply the following steps.

  1. First of all, you can describe your complaint by using chime customer service email address 24/7
  2. Chime contact support option is also available on app. Open Chime mobile app in your android mobile or iphone and click on “Customer Support Tab”.
  3. In order to contact chime by phone, then call at chime customer service number live person 844-244-6363.

By applying any one of the above steps you can get in touch with a real person at Chime. However, all people must speak to someone at Chime during its working hours.

Chime Customer Service Hours

The working hours of Chime customer service are as follows:

  • Customers can contact every “Monday to Friday between 6am to 10pm CST”.
  • During “Saturdays and Sundays”, Chime bank customer support is available between “7am to 9pm CST”.

Chime Official Social Media Platforms

All the customers can also use the following social media platforms to ask any question related to chime customer support.

Like on Facebook

Follow on Twitter

Hangout on Instagram

Available on

Chime Bank Corporate Office Address and Phone Number


Chime Bank Headquarters is located in San Francisco, United States of America. The corporate head office address and phone number are given below.

Primary Address

P.O. Box 611

San Francisco, CA 94104


If you have any questions or want to speak with a live person at chime then you can use telephone number 844-244-6363.

Mailing Address for Chime Bank

Customer service mailing address for chime bank is This Company is providing online bank services to their customers.

Customers can deposit checks, transfer money and pay invoices by the use of chime bank mobile app. Following are links to download Chime Bank application.

  • Download Chime Bank Android Apk App here.
  • Chime App for IPhone is available for Download at here.

Chime Live Chat

Chime Bank does not offer live chat option for its customers. However, people can speak or talk to a live person by using phone number and email address.

Both options are given above.

CEO and Founders of Chime Bank

If you are thinking about who owns Chime Bank then the answer is Chris Britt. Chirs and Ryan King are the founders of chime online bank. Chime bank was launched in 2013.


Chris Britt Chime Wife

There is no information regarding Chime Bank CEO wife. Have a look upon TV commercial of Chime Bank.


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  1. I need to transfer funds from my savings to my checking acct. on my computer. My phone is lost and can’t get the code that is sent. How do I do this without my phone? It’s ridiculous that my Chime acct. can be opened with a phone code only. I need this done today. Also, why can’t I withdraw the money out of my savings acct.? I’ve had you guys for years, but this is very frustrating and ready to change to a different card. Please help. Thank you!

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