If you are looking for how to write a review on H&M then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn step by step procedure to write or leave a review on h and m. Basically, H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. You can use customer rate and review service to leave a review product review on H&M.

By writing a product review you can describe your shopping experience with other people. That’s why H and M give an easy solution to its customers for writing reviews. Your review information would become publically accessible. Also, H & M can use your review information for advertising, customer communications, newsletters and other marketing purposes.

how to write a review on H&M

To write a review on H&M is very simple and quick process. Customers can write their reviews after receiving their products. For this, you need to visit your account section on the h&m mobile app or website. Next, open the reviews section and find the product to write a review on it. For more information please read the below paragraph.

How To Write A Review On H&M

H&M always provides an opportunity to write reviews and give feedback to its customers. Once your purchased item is received then you can write your review according to your experience.

To write a review on H&M, visit the official website or app.

  • Login to your account by using your email and password.
write review on hm
  • Now you have to click on “My Account”.
leave review on hm
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Review”.
write a review on hm
  • Select the item and rate it by giving star ratings.
  • In the empty box, write your product review on H&M.
  • Lastly, once you have done click on “Submit” button.

By using the above steps, you will be able to write your review and share your opinion on the size and fit. It is also noted note, customers can only rate products which are purchased online by using H&M account.

Important Guidelines To Write A Review On H&M

After the submission of your review, the H n M support team will view and edit your feedback. Your comments will go through a moderation process and will be published only if they are relevant to the product.

  • If any customer will use indecent or inappropriate language then H&M will not publish your review.
  • Don’t use any personal information while writing your review.
  • H and M can edit or remove your review at any time.
  • Write specific and honest reviews.
  • Every review should consist of individual experiences.
  • Don’t write any content in your review which reflex as advertisement maker or something like that.
  • Any promotional content and backing are not allowed in reviews.

H&M can change its policy guidelines at any time without giving prior notice to you.

H&M Corporate Head Office Address | Phone Number | Email

You can find headquarters address at H&M Hennes & Mauritz LP, Lighting Way 300, NJ 07094, Secaucus, Suite 100.

Phone Number: In order to contact H&M corporate head office, call 855-466-7467. By using this number you can speak to someone at H&M headquarters. Customer service hours are available 24×7.

Email: Use the info@hm.com email address to send your issue via email. The customer support team of h n m is very efficient and they will resolve your issue immediately.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I leave a review on H&M? In the above article, you can read step by step process to write h&m product reviews. Furthermore, you can also read h&m review policy guidelines before submitting your review.

However, customers can also write their reviews on our site. We’ll publish your opinions on our site. Be honest while writing your review. Because it will new customers in the future.

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  1. The style of your clothes for the last two years have been. Terrible. Most of the dresses look like bed sheets with holes for arms and head. I used to love your store. Whatever people you have designing are way off the mark. It would be nice to see things that aren’t sizes to large. Will take my business elsewhere.

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