If you are looking for how to cancel PacSun then you are in right place. In this article, you will get a complete guide on how you can cancel your order on PacSun for a full refund.  In America, maybe you got something out of PacSun. Contrarily, you have lost enough. This brand provides modern amenities and other luxuries of living to the youth.

PacSun cancel order procedure is not simple as you think. As they have advised you on the checkout page that you can’t change the order after its placement. However, you can contact customer support after placing your order to submit a cancellation request. If your order is marked as shipped then support team is unable to accept your request. For step by step information, read below.

Basically, it makes a lot of things in the US but it is also connected to other countries such as China, Taiwan, Nigeria and Germany. The brand Pacific Sun-wear of California, known as PacSun, was launched by Tom Moorein1980. In the very beginning, this company was just a small surf shop in Newport Beach, California.

pacsun cancel order

How To Cancel PacSun Order

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your PacSun order because the order processing system is very fast. The PacSun team will pick up and pack your order in just moments and send it for shipping. However, you can submit your pre-order cancellation request to PacSun customer support. For this, you will need to speak to someone at PacSun by dialling 877-372-2786 during business hours.

Alternative, apply the following steps to cancel order PacSun:

  • First, you need to click on “Cancellation Request” given below.
  • On the next page, you will online email form.
  • Write your first and last name in the respective fields.
  • Then enter your email, phone, and order number.
  • Now choose the reason to contact PacSun as “Modify or Cancel Order”.
how to cancel pacsun order
  • In the message box, explain your issue briefly.
  • Once you have done all above, then click “Submit” button.

By using above simple steps you can submit a request for PacSun order cancel. Once your pre-order is successfully cancelled then you will receive your refund via same payment method. However, if you are unable to cancel your order then you can return items back to PacSun for a full refund. PacSun’s return policy is also explained below.

What is PacSun Return Policy?

30 days return policy is available, you can send back your parcel by mail or send it to PacSun shop. Bear in mind that if you want to send back your order after 30 days, you will be given an E-Card for repayment which can be used online or in a store.

  • Orders cannot be exchanged. This brand keeps enough stock as it is changed according to fashion trends.
  • FOG (Fear of God) Essentials, PS Reserve, Xbox consoles and gift bags cannot be returned or exchanged at all.
  • It is not allowed to return earrings, masks and women’s undergarments.
  • If original tags are not removed then unused swimwear can be returned.
  • If you don’t pay delivery charges in advance then 7$ will be reduced from your refund.

PacSun In-Store Return Policy

The way to exchange an online order from any of the company’s store is; to carry your online shopping card and bill with you while visiting the store. Bear in mind that if you want to send back your order after 30 days, you will be given stock returned card for a refund which can be used online or in a shop.

How Long Does PacSun Take To Refund?

At least 20 days are required for taking actions returned policy. You will be notified by email when your money is recovered. All amounts will be refunded as per the principle of payment. Your bank’s authorization and additional 3 to 5 days are required to refund your money. The process is similar as lululemon cancel order.

Does PacSun Charge For Returns?

If you don’t pay delivery charges in advance then $7 will be reduced from your refund. The way to return online orders from any of the company’s stores is; carry your online shopping card and bill with you while visiting the store.

What If I Want To Change The Ship-To Address?

Unluckily, you cannot replace orders. When customers buy things, it is the responsibility of the company to deliver the parcel to a given address respecting their privacy.

For inquiries by mail, please address to:

PacSun Customer Service

3450 E Miraloma Ave

Anaheim, CA 92806

How Long Does A PacSun Order Take To Process?

The domestic U.S. takes 7 working days or less to deliver your order. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico take 10 to 12 working days. Delivery through the domestic U.S. in 3 or fewer working days is accessible.

Final thoughts

We do hope that you have got the answer to how to cancel PacSun order? If you need more help then you can contact customer support between business hours. In the above article, we have discussed all the possible ways to cancel PacSun order.

However, if the cancellation request is not accepted by the support team then simply receive the item on delivery date and return it to PacSun for a full refund. You can also write your PacSun shopping experience in the comment section below.

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