If you are searching for how to cancel Bloomingdales order then you are in right place. In this article, you will get a complete guide on how you can cancel your order on Bloomingdales to get a full refund. The United States has very famous unit shop named as Bloomingdales. Many countries are getting great quality things from this brand.

Bloomingdales cancel order option is available for both types of customers (registered and guest). The customer has only 1 hour to submit a cancel order request after placing online orders. In case, if you have purchased items for store pick up then you have only 15 minutes cancellation window after order placement on Bloomingdales. For step by step information, please keep reading this article.

It is a very famous brand in New York but it has made a name from itself in other states. Layman and Joseph Bloomingdale founded this brand. It was a women’s wear shop created by two brothers in the Lower East Side of New York City in 1861. They started their work with a hoop skirt which was very popular at that time. The procedure is same as PacSun cancel order.

bloomingdales cancel order

How To Cancel Bloomingdales Order

You can cancel online order on Bloomingdales within 1 hour after its placement. However, in-store pick-up orders can be cancelled within 15 minutes only. That’s why; use the following steps immediately after placing Bloomingdale’s order. Both registered and guest customers can cancel their orders on Bloomingdales. These two cancellation methods are explained below.

Cancel Bloomingdales Order: Registered Users

  • First, you will need to sign in to your account here.
  • In your profile section, scroll down and click on “My Order Status & History” link.
  • Next, you have to click on “Order Details” link in front of the order you want to cancel.
  • Now click on “Cancel Order” to terminate the purchased item on Bloomingdales.
  • A pop-up will appear for confirmation, click “Yes”.
  • After that you will get a conformational email from Bloomingdales that your order has been cancelled.

Guest Users Cancel Order Bloomingdales

Those customers who have checkout as guests can cancel their Bloomingdales orders by using following steps.

  1. You can utilize the lookup feature by using your order.
  2. For this, you have to visit “Bloomingdale’s Purchase History”.
  3. Next, go order details page and click “Cancel Order” link.
  4. You will see a cancel confirmation, tap on “Yes”.
  5. After the submission of a cancellation request, you will get a confirmation email.

Important Note:

Customers can cancel their online orders on Bloomingdales within one hour after placement. However, in some case, it may not work for you to cancel your order even within 1 hour. In this situation, use live chat support or contact customer service for further help.

How Do I Cancel My Bloomingdales Order By Phone?

Yes, you cancel your Bloomingdales order by using a self-service via phone call. This feature will remain available for 30 minutes only to submit a cancellation request after placing the order.

  • Just call 1-800-777-0000 to get self-service from Bloomingdales.
  • The operator will try to match your phone number with your active order.
  • If it successfully gets matched then press 1 to cancel Bloomingdale order.
  • In case, the self-service is unable to locate your order history then the operator will redirect you toward the main menu.  
  • Next, it will ask you to provide your order number or phone number associated with the order.
  • Follow the next guidelines to cancel your order. Once your order has been cancelled then you will receive a confirmation email shortly after this phone call.

Here also must be noted that your order will go for processing right after you placed it. Therefore, you may not be able to cancel it even within 30 minutes.

Can You Cancel Bloomingdales Order After Shipped?

Yes, you can cancel your Bloomingdales order after the shipped status if you are unable to cancel it through your account. Just reach customer service and ask them to cancel or reroute your order. Bloomingdales will be more than happy to accept your request to return it to the warehouse if it has shipped via UPS.

It is noted that there is no guarantee to reroute your order. Bloomingdales is unable to make any changes to your order if it is shipped via United States Post Office. However, if Bloomingdales is unable to accept your request to re-route your order then you will get your credit by using the following points.

Following are the three tips to get your refund.

  1. Return unwanted items to any local Bloomingdales store.
  2. Do not accept the parcel at the time of delivery.
  3. Send the items back to Bloomingdales by using the return label enclosed in the package. Below you can also read the return policy.

What is Bloomingdales Return Policy?

You can return unused items within 90 days Zoro. It is necessary to send back the final products within 30 days after purchasing date. This company respect you although cannot adjust your every return. You can send back your order without any charges. This brand needs only your cooperation.

If you don’t have any proof of purchase or receipt, you will get the lower sale price from 180 days ago. If you don’t have a voucher, you will need to provide the name and address, except for it is on file. This brand uses your name and address for its security and marketing purposes. Kindly ensure that this brand will handle the data given by you according to its Customer Privacy Policy.

Bloomingdales Timeframe To Change The Order

This brand has a time frame window from which you can receive your order as soon as possible. Also, this window is applicable to cancel or replace your order.

  • Online delivered orders: you can change your order up to 30 minutes after replacing it.
  • Shopping from stores: you can replace your order up to 15 minutes after buying it.
  • Same-day shipping: you can replace the order in 15 minutes.

Why Bloomingdales Has Cancelled My Order?

The common reasons to reject or delay your order would be described as follow.

  • Your credit card and bank file information must be the same.
  • Otherwise, your order may be cancelled or delayed.
  • If your delivery and credit card addresses are not the same.

If any of these conditions apply to your order Bloomingdale’s Customer Service will contact you for more information.


We do hope that you have got the answer to how do I cancel my order on Bloomingdales? In the above article, we have discussed two possible ways to cancel your order. One is to do it via account and other is by using a self-service phone call. You can also submit an order cancellation request even if the cancellation window is closed. For this, read the above paragraphs.

However, if you are unlucky to cancel your order then you can also get your refund in the form of credit by using above explained three tips. You can also write your Bloomingdales shopping experience in the comment section below. We’ll publish your honest reviews on our site.

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