If you are looking for how to cancel your order and get a refund on boohooMAN then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can cancel boohooMAN order before shipping. After that, you will read about how boohooMAN refunds process will work.

how to cancel order on boohooMAN

Cancel order on boohooMAN is not an easy process. Sometimes, you can not simply cancel your order. But customers have other options instead of cancelling the order. They can return it back and apply for refunds.

To return boohooMAN parcel, all the items must be in original condition with all labels attached. Pack the parcel with its original packaging if you want to return it. Customers can not get boohooMAN refunds if they do not follow the return policy.

How To Cancel Order On BoohooMAN

The order processing system of boohooMAN is very fast. Once the customer hit “place order” button, then it goes to the next step which is delivery or shipping.

BoohooMAN knows that you want your order immediately. That’s why they are unable to cancel your order. But if you contact customer service, a solution can be found.

The simplest way to contact boohooMAN customer service is to send an email at customerservices@boohoo.com. Request them to cancel your order.

If they are unable to do this, then don’t worry you can place another order and return the previous order. Read below how to return boohooMAN order.

How To Return BoohooMAN Items

If you are unhappy with your purchase then you can easily return boohooMAN items. If you use the returns portal then it is very cost-effective, fast and trackable. BoohooMAN UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

If you are using international returns then you will need to pay for it. Find the postage price in the return portal. First, you need to get a ‘returns label’. You can download it through the returns portal.

After that pay for postage at your local post office. We recommend that you use the Trackable service to return the boohooMAN and keep the receipt with you until you receive your refund.

Apply the following steps to return boohooMAN parcel:

  1. Items must be in unwashed/unused/unworn condition.
  2. Repack the items with original packaging and tags.
  3. Next, open the “Start a Return” link is given below.
  4. Enter your order number and email/last 4 digits of your phone number.
  5. Now choose the best option for you (Print returns label at home or in store options).
  6. Download the return label and attaced it with the parcel.
  7. Post the parcel and keep the receipt as proof.

Customers have a time period of 28 days to send the items back to boohooMAN. Keep track of your returns and when your items are returned to BoohooMAN, you will get a notification through email.

How To Get A Refund On BoohooMAN

Now probably you are thinking about when will I receive my refund? You will get your refund within the time period of 21 days. These 21 days consist of 14 days of the item returning process and 7 days of banking transaction.

  • If the customer pay the price of order by using store credit or gift voucher then this will be credited back to your boohooMAN account.
  • If you send your parcel back via Royal Mail or Collect + it will be received by Bohoman within 7 days. Your refund will then be processed and you will receive a notification via email.
  • After that you can see your funds in the bank statement within 7 business days.

All items are thoroughly checked in our warehouse and subsequently ensured that all guidelines are followed. Refunds will not be processed if you do not follow the BoohooMAN Return Policy.

In addition, if 28 days have passed and you have not received an email, you can contact customer service here.

How Long Does A Refund Take On BoohooMAN?

BoohooMAN will take 7 working days to refund your amount to your credit/debit card. Usually, the refunds period is consist of 21 days.

14 days to complete the return process and 7 days to show funds in your bank statement. It will also depend upon your bank processing time.

Can I Exchange An Order?

No, you can’t exchange your order. But if you are not happy with the item then place the order again and return the previous one.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I cancel boohooMAN order and get a refund? In this article, we’ve also covered boohooMAN return policy.

You have also learned about how you can get a refund on BoohooMAN. Still, if you need more help then you can ask us in the comment section below. You can also share your shopping experience in the comment space below.

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