how to change e transfer email rbc

If you are looking for how to change e transfer email RBC then you are in right place. In this article, you will get a complete guide on how to update e transfer email RBC. Customers can also get auto deposits on their phone numbers or email address.

A sender will get a notification related to auto-deposit if you have turned on this service. Due to this reason, there is no need to answer any security questions and the amount will be sent in no time.

To change e transfer email on RBC is a very simple and quick process. You just need to open RBC online banking and visit interact e-transfer auto-deposit menu.

There you will see the option to change the email address of electronic e transfer RBC. Complete steps are given below.

how to change e transfer email rbc

How To Change E Transfer Email RBC Royal Bank

If you need to change or update your e transfer email on RBC then you can do it very easily. Apply the following steps carefully.

  1. To change e transfer email, go to “RBC Online Banking”.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Next, open “Interac e-transfer Autodeposit” option in the RBC app.
  4. In order to update e transfer email click on “edit” button.
  5. Now you can change or update your email address. Further more, you can also add additional emails to the registeration.
  6. Lastly, to delete e transfer email on rbc click at “delete” button.

By using the above steps, it is easy for you to change Interac etransfer email address on RBC app. These steps will also help you to remove existing email on RBC online banking.

Interac e-transfer Auto Deposit Email Address Change and Settings

In order to update the email address in auto-deposit Interac e-transfer RBC, click “settings”. There you will see “edit” email address option.

This process may vary according to your financial institution. However, you can contact your credit union or bank if you need more help on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the important frequently asked questions and their answers. We hope that you will lots of information if you read them carefully.

1. What happens if I sent E transfer to wrong email?

If the customer has provided an invalid or wrong email address then the system will send a notification stating that your e transfer is undeliverable.

After that, you can edit and resend the transfer. You can also cancel pending e transfer on RBC mobile app.

2. How do I cancel an Interac e transfer payment after I’ve sent it?

Yes, you can cancel an Interac e transfer on RBC mobile app if you have sent it. The customers can reclaim or cancel the payment through online banking.

  • First you need to open RBC banking tab online.
  • Next, go to “Pay Bills and Transfer Funds”.
  • Then you have click at “Payment History”.
  • Here you will see list of e transfers. Find the interac e-transfer that you want to cancel it.
  • Lastly, click at “Cancel Payment”.

3. How do you edit and resend an Interac e transfer?

Customers are unable to edit and resend the Interac e transfer if the recipient is registered for auto-deposit.

In this case, the amount will be withdrawn from your account and transferred to the receiver’s account immediately.

If the recipient is not registered for an auto-deposit then apply the following steps to edit the e transfer.

  • Open the app and go to navigation bar.
  • Here click at “Move Money”.
  • Next, tap on “send an interac e transfer”.
  • Now open “history tab” and find the e transfer that you want to edit.
  • To change e transfer email address RBC, phone number and security question click on “Edit & Resent”.
  • Lastly, click at “save & resend” button.
  • Can I add another email to E transfer?

4. How do I add another email to E transfer RBC?

In order to add another email address to RBC e transfer, apply the following steps carefully.

  • First you need to login into your account by using mobile banking app or online.
  • To change or add recipient’s e transfer email on rbc, click at “email or mobile number”.
  • Next, put the desired amount and answer the security question.

There is no need for a security question if the recipient has already registered for inter e transfer auto-deposit. Apply the above steps safely and share the security answer with the receiver.

Only one email address or mobile phone number can be registered to one account with RBC or another bank.

If you attempt to register a mobile phone number or email address that has already been registered in another account, Interac will send you an email or text message asking if you would like to replace the original registration with a new one at RBC.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to change e transfer email RBC? If you don’t then you can ask us in the comment section below.

Expert people will give solutions to your question. Furthermore, you can contact RBC customer service chat for more information and help.

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