Looking for how do I speak to someone at Koodo Canada? Then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn different methods to get in touch with Koodo customer service. Koodo is a mobile network company in Canada.

If your phone is disconnected and you want to call Koodo, dial the customer support number. Keep reading this article to get Koodo contact number.


Koodo wiki is explained here. Basically, it is a mobile broadband company in Canada. Initially, Koodo was launched by Telus in 2008. Mostly young customers like this company.

Koodo is the best service provider of prepaid, postpaid, and wireless telephone. Telus is the parent company of Koodo. Due to its strong presence in the mobile retailers market, Koodo has a solid position nationwide.

How Do I Speak To Someone at Koodo Canada

If you want to speak or talk to a human at Koodo, you can call at customer service phone number Canada 1 (866) 995-6636.

However, you can also start a conversation with someone by the use of the Koodo live chat support option. The following steps are helpful to start a live chat with the Koodo representative.

  1. In order to talk with Koodo human, hit the button “Start Live Chat” given below.
  2. In the next page, you can see “Koodo Assist”.
  3. Here you can see a button “Chat Now”, tap on it.
  4. Explain your complaint with a live person at Koodo.

By applying the above steps, you can easy to talk or speak to someone at Koodo.  This company is a self-service provider.

You can also request the customer care agent to call back. On the chat screen, type “helps” and arrange a time for a call back to a specific telephone mobile number provided by you.

How to Call Koodo When Phone is Disconnected

Looking for a phone call to Koodo when your phone is disconnected? Don’t worry here is the solution. Koodo is the best customer service, provider. Many tools are provided by Koodo to help you.


1. Self-Serve

The self-serve option is available without any fees or charges. By the use of this option, you can easily review your usage and billing, change account type and services without any extra charges.

2. Koodo Assist through live chat

With the use of Koodo live chat support, customers can get instant answers from qualified staff. This option is also best for how do I call Koodo by phone. You can request a callback from the Koodo agent on the chat screen. To start a conversation, click on the above button.

3. Koodo Community

Koodo community consists of experienced mobile users and masters. They are always ready to help you. Customers can get replies in an average of 15 minutes by the use of Koodo community.

Koodo Customer Service Hours of Operation

Koodo customer service hours of operation are available at any time. However, it’s suggested that please use the following service hours to get customer support.

  • 24×7 hours Monday to Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday are off days.
  • However, you can use live chat option during off days.

How Do I Speak to Someone at Koodo through Social Media Platforms

All the users of Koodo can also get customer support by following official social media platforms.

Koodo Head Office Phone Number and Address


If you are looking for Koodo head office phone number and headquarters address then you are in right place. Here is Koodo’s customer service contact number +1 604-697-8044. However, it’s suggested that use the live chat option to get customer support.

Koodo Headquarters Address

 555 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3K9

Koodo Corporate Head Office Email Address

If you want to contact Koodo corporate head office for customer service through email then use to briefly explain your issue and send them an email.

If you want to get instant answers from Koodo Canada then use the live chat option.

Who Owns Koodo Mobile

TELUS mobility owns Koodo mobile. Jim Senko is the CEO of mobility Solutions. Jim Senko Salary is $1,375,000 as president.

Koodo Net worth


There is not very much information available on the internet related to Koodo Net worth. However, the company is making much profit. Due to Koodo’s best services, it has become a top-level company in Canada.

However, if you live in Canada and the USA, you can get prepaid phone customer services through live chat.  Only postpaid phones can be used internationally.

If you have a Koodo Prepaid phone, you can only use it in Canada and the U.S.

Which network is used on Kodo?

You will love to hear this Koodo is working on Canada’s best 4G network. It is used by 99% of Canadian people.

How can I cancel my Koodo service at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Koodo service at any time. For this, you have to contact Koodo customer service. If you don’t know how to cancel Koodo subscription then ask us in the comment section below. Our expert team will help you in this matter.

It is possible to transfer my number to another provider?

Yes, you can transfer your number to another provider at any time. There are many other Canadian telecommunication companies.

Can Koodo mobile cancel my connection at any time?

Obviously, if you don’t agree on the terms and conditions of Koodo then your service may cancel or be suspended by authority.

During the suspension of service, the customer is responsible for all regular charges. However, if you want to renew your connection, you have to pay the reconnection fee as specified on your bill.


WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I speak or talk to someone (live person) at koodo mobile. However, if you don’t then you can ask us in the comment section below.

Our expert team will reach you as soon as possible. You can also share your Koodo service user experience in the comment box below. It will be helpful for other people.

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  1. Hello,

    My father recently passed away and was a Koodo customer. I am have a very difficult time speaking to anyone in customer service, I don’t know what his password is to log on.

    Joanne Hanka

    1. since the other comment was likely not working for you, Id recommend the online chat, over the phone seems impossible but at least the chat will connect to a human sometimes

  2. How do I talk to a representative that isn’t digital. I am very frustrated as I have been trying for nearly a hour and I keep getting digital help.

  3. Looking to get ahold of customer service . The 647 is long distance. And the 1 888 I cant get to talk to a human

  4. Just changed over to Koodo and I’m now thinking it may have been a mistake. At Telus I could at least talk to someone about service trouble without getting billed for it . I remember when a company wanted your business and gave service without hammering you with and bill .

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