If you are looking for how to leave a review on home depot then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can write review on home depot. This company is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, Canada, Mexico etc. They are providing services in supplying tools, construction products, and home appliances.

The headquarters head office of home depot is located in Georgia, United States. The home depot company was founded in 1978 with a vision to give importance to our core values. Values like creating respect among all people, providing best customer support and giving back to society.

how to leave a review on home depot

Leave a review on Home Depot is very simple and quick. First, you need to visit official website and find the product you want to review. You can see ‘product model number’ on the package and write it in the search bar.  Go to the product page and scroll down to end where you will get ‘write a review’ button.  

How To Leave A Review On Home Depot

If you want to write a product review on Home Depot as a guest then you can do it easily. Your review must be based on individual experience. Read below steps to leave your feedback on a product purchased from The Home Depot.

  • Find your “product model number” available on the package.
leave a review on home depot
  • Next, go to official website of Home Depot here.
  • Then write model number in “Search Bar”.
write a review on home depot
  • Move down to the reviews section of product.
  • To leave a review on home depot, click on “Write a Review”.
home depot write a review
  • Review page will open, rate the product by giving star ratings.
rate a product on home depot
  • Write title and share your experience in the empty box.
leave feedback on home depot
  • Fill out all the fields and lastly click on “Submit” button.

By using above easy steps, customers can leave reviews on home depot products. Every review will go through a moderation process. So, read below review policy guidelines before writing your review.

Important Guidelines To Leave A Review On Home Depot

Have a look at some important points of the home depot review policy. If you follow below points then your review will get published on the official website.

  • Be honest and write your indvidual review only.
  • Must take care or moral rights in your review.
  • The content in your review must be true and real.
  • The minimum age to write a review on home depot is 18 years.
  • Don’t put misleading, inaccurate or false opinion in your review.
  • Sharing of promotional links, websites are Strictly prohibited in review section.
  • If you use hate speech and hateful remarks then review will not get published.
  • Avoid any offensive and degrading language.
  • Don’t enter any individual personal information like, phone, email address etc.

Home Depot Review Policy – Must Read

The Home Depot will have the right to use the content of your review. And also your content can be deleted, changed or altered on official website. Every review must follow the terms and conditions of The Home Depot.

After the submission of your review, then you will not have any option to edit or delete it. The time period for your review to get posted on site is 2 to 4 working days.

The Home Depot can post or unpublish your review without any reason. Also, you will agree that home depot is not responsible for your submitted content.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I leave or write a review for home depot? In the above article, you can read how you can submit your review. Also, we have discussed all the review policy guidelines so that you can easily publish your review.

Users can also leave reviews in the comment space below. We’ll publish your review on our site. Be honest while writing your review because it will new customers in the future.

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2 thoughts on “How To Leave A Review On Home Depot in 2024”
  1. Military Discount
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the Military discount I used to receive from Home Depot and that you are always hiring veterans and / or their families. Since you have changed over to a new system for Veterans ID, I have had nothing but head aches with the cashing out at any HD store. So Much I have taken my buying to Lowe’s, even though their prices are a bit higher.
    With Lowe’s I’m required to give my phone number and show my ID. upon request. easy Peasy, In and out. I have run into soooo much trouble with the new HD scanning my ID digital coded, I have actually set my merchandise back into a basket, the casher ( She was upsetting because my code would not validate)
    I walked out of the store and have not returned,
    Sorry if I sound off the happy trail a bit. But you want to know where the beef is, and in order to correct the beef. If know one explains it, you won’t know
    how to correct it.
    Robert J Peters USNR

  2. Military Discount
    Trying to get the Military Discount for my 82 year old father diagnosed with dementia has been close to impossible. Thank goodness Home Depot has promised to help him once he contacts them from his own email address.

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