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If you are looking for how to leave a review on Letgo app then you are on the right place. Here you will learn complete method of how do you leave a review on Letgo app.

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Recent Updates About Letgo Application

Letgo is now OfferUp, yes. OfferUp and Letgo will now work together to grow more themselves. If you are using OfferUp app then you also will look for how to give feedback on OfferUp.

Go to previous link where you can find best and simple method of writing reviews and ratings on OfferUp.  Now come towards main topic as below.

How To Leave A Review On Letgo For Seller

Here you will learn step by step method of how to leave a review for seller on Letgo. Apply carefully following easy steps.

Step 1:  First you will receive a notification about writing reviews for seller. If you don’t, click on “Review” button in your profile.

Step 2:  Here you can rate seller by giving number of stars, depending on your experience with the seller.

Step 3:  Choose that “tags” which describe your interactions.

Step 4:  You can also write a seller review on Letgo in the form of comment. Be honest to write or give feedback to seller on Letgo.

Step 5:  After writing a comment, click on “Publish review”.

By following above simple method you can leave a review for seller on Letgo. Once you published your review then you can read what the seller has written about you.

How To Leave A Review For Buyer On Letgo App

After reading seller review, now you can learn about how to leave a review for buyer on let go. Once you have closed the deal you can review buyers. Consider following steps to avoid any inconvenience.

Step 1:  First visit the listing you have sold.

Step 2:  Tick this listing as sold and then go to the “buyer profile”.

Step 3:  Here you can give star ratings to the buyer, depending upon your experience with the buyer.

Step 4:  Now you can write or leave a review for buyer on Letgo by writing your interactions and experiences in comment section.

Step 5:  Once you have done, click on “Publish review” to save it.

By adopting above steps you can find the answer of how do i submit a review on Letgo.

Important Things To Remember

The option of leave a review on Letgo will show to the seller first. Once the seller has done, then a buyer can leave a review for seller.

Also a seller has 7 days of time to leave a review on buyer’s profile. After one week, both the seller and buyer won’t be able to review each other.

There is no any option of changing or editing the review you have written. So, be sure what to have written. Lastly, you can’t leave a review on letgo website. This option is available only on android and iOS apps.


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