how to leave a review on shpock

Learn the easy way of how to leave a review or feedback on Shpock on this platform. WikiAns always tries to provide accurate answers to the asked questions. When a buyer purchases something on Shpock, the next process is to leave a review or write feedback for the seller. Here you can get the best method of leaving feedback or review on Shpock. First of all, you have to login into your account by using the Shpock app. All other steps are followed.

Step 1:

Go the Shpock app. If you don’t, you can download it from Apple or Google play store. 

Step 2:

Get login into your account by entering email, username and password etc.

Step 3:

Visit the notification menu. Here you will receive a notification of the product that you have received.

Step 4:

Give 1-5 star rating to the seller depending upon your experience with the seller. 1 star is for lowest rating and 5 for highest.

Step 5:

In this step, you can write a review in the form of a comment. Be honest to write anything about the seller. Because it will help other users in near future.

Once you have done, click on the send button to submit your review.

In this way, you can leave a review or give feedback to your seller on Shpock.

How To Make An Offer On Shpock

If you have found an item that you want to purchase, you can click on “Make Offer”. You can also buy your favourite thing on Shpock by hitting “Buy now”. There are thousands of items ready to buy on Shpock. Here you will learn about how to buy a product or make an offer on Shpock. When you make an offer on Shpock following things keep in mind.

While making an offer on Shpock, two options are available for you. One is to collect and the other is to have it delivered.

Make offer

If you choose delivered, then you can easily pay your order amount insecure way. Your transaction will be protected by “Buyer Protection”.

When you make an offer keep in mind that seller has set item’s price according to the value of the products. So it’s necessary for you to make an only a fair and reasonable offer.

Buy Now

If you have selected the option of “Buy Now”, you can pay for it directly by using the app. After the confirmation of your order, the item will get delivered to your home. The best part of Shpock is that your transaction is secured by “Buyer Protection”. So, don’t feel hesitation in ordering your products from Shpock.

How To Accept An Offer On Shpock

Here is the section where you will learn about how to accept an offer on Shpock. On this website, you can also get answers to how do I accept an offer on Shpock? First of all, you have to login into your account. Now check your inbox, if someone has sent an offer to you then make a counteroffer to the buyer. Your counteroffer must include your answer in the note section. If you think the offer is reasonable then accept it otherwise send a message to the buyer to increase the price.

How To Reply To An Offer On Shpock

If the buyer sends you an offer then you can reply it by sending a “counter offer” on Shpock. It can be done on offer screen by clicking on “Counter offer”. Both the seller and buyer can negotiate the item price. Remember that if the offer is related to delivery charges, then only seller can change it.

How To Delete Messages On Shpock

If you want to look overview of all messages, notifications and offers then you must visit your inbox. If you want to delete messages on Shpock, login into your account. Open your inbox. You can’t be able to delete messages manually in your inbox. All the messages and notifications are automatically deleted after 14 days. If you are using an app, you can also mark them as read by clicking on the three dots available at the top right.

How To Use Paypal On Shpock 

Now is the time to tell you that how you can use paypal on Shpock. First you have to connect your Shpock account to your paypal account. Following is the easy method of how to use paypal on Shpock.

  • Get login into your account by using Shpock app.
  • Go to your profile section. Here you can find “Payments with Paypal”.

If a buyer makes an offer on any of your product then you can send him a request to be paid via PayPal. You can send him PayPal link upon which buyer will pay you. If the buyer doesn’t have paypal account then you can ask him to make it. PayPal service is not available on Shpock website. It’s only available in the app.

Contact Shpock Support Team

If you want to contact Shpock support team then you can do it by sending them a message. You can do it by click on here. In the next screen you can see Shpock Contact Support message box. First write your “email” and then tell them what you need.


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