Looking for how to leave a review on Mercari? In this article, you will completely learn about how you can write or give feedback on Mercari.

It is requested that all the customers don’t write a review for the seller unless they have got their orders. They work like kijiji. Mercari reviews work in different forms as compared to other websites.

A seller gets paid only when the buyer rates the seller on Mercari. Customers can’t get any refunds or do returns after leaving a review. 

how to leave a review on mercari

Basically, Mercari started an online eCommerce business in February 2013 in Japan. Now they are operating in different countries of the world, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, etc.  

How To Leave A Review On Mercari

Users can leave a review on the Mercari app by using their accounts. Ratings and reviews help to build trust in sellers. Valuable feedback will help new customers in the future.

A buyer can leave a review on Mercari within 3 days after he got the package. The seller will also rate the buyer after the review of the buyer.

  1. In order to leave a review on Mercari, get logged in to your account.
  2. Open Mercari app menu and go to “Order Status Page”.
  3. Next, you have to click on “I’ve received my item”.
  4. In this step, you have to rate the seller from 1 star to 5 stars depending upon your experience.
  5. Write your feedback in the comment box.
  6. Once you have done, click on “submit” button.

By following the above steps you can leave a review on the Mercari app. If any seller asks you to leave feedback before receiving the package, then click the report icon next to the message to let us know.

Important Note:

Customers can not return any item back to Mercari once they’ve rated the transaction. If you want to return an order to Mercari then don’t submit your review and contact the Mercari customer support team for returns.

How Reviews And Ratings Work For Buyers On Mercari

First of all, you will get an email notification from Mercari to rate the seller. Typically, a buyer has 48 hours to leave a review, but the Mercari support team will remind him to rate the seller if he doesn’t do that.

Writing a review is basically a chance for the buyer to write about his shopping experience with the seller. If you haven’t received the order or are facing any kind of problem, you can ask Mercari customer service to help you. 

If a buyer does not rate the seller then Mercari auto-rate service will leave a review for the seller on your behalf.

Once the seller gets rated, funds are released to him. After that, you are unable to return the product or get any refund. It is requested that please rate the seller to complete the transaction.

Tips To Get Good Rating On Mercari

If you are a seller and want to get good ratings on Mercari then you must adopt the followings steps.

  • Deliver the item that you’ve promised.
  • Mention things specifically and correctly in your listing.
  • Carefully pack the item to avoid any damage.
  • Good communication will attract more buyers to you.
  • Your shipping time must be 3 working days. If you can’t do it then communicate with your buyer in a polite way.

All the customers on Mercari are real people and most of them are not professionals. Treat them in a very appropriate manner.

How Do I See A Buyers Rating On Mercari?

If you want to see buyers’ ratings on Mercari then you have to rate them first. After that, you can see all the reviews and ratings submitted by buyers.

  • In order to view ratings, get logged in to Mercari account.
  • Next, go to “profile menu”.
  • Click on “stars” which are located under the “balance and coupons”.

In this way, you can see your ratings on Mercari. Be responsible and polite to get excellent ratings.


WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I leave a review on Mercari. If you are unable to do it then ask us in the comment section below.

Our qualified team will reply to you as soon as possible. However, you can also share your reviews here by writing them below. Be honest while writing a review in the comment box below. These will help new customers in the future.

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6 thoughts on “How To Leave A Review On Mercari [Latest 2024]”
  1. Do not do business here!!!!!!!! Terrible customer experience and seller who didn’t disclose damage to the item I purchased and now blocked me from getting in touch with them!!!!!!!!
    Buyer beware!!!!!!

  2. Just wanting all buyers beware. I had no idea that when broken merchandise. I looked for a phone number to call. I called 2 weeks in a row, final someone reached out and told that another person would call me because it wasn’t her department. No one called me but I did find a Email to tell me that I wouldn’t get a refund because it took me too long to respond. So now I have a $200.00 broken Annie Lee. I got back on the app so I could inform others. Paulette Brown

  3. Mercari has few options of Guarantees for buyers who get burned by a seller. Bought 2 vintage item from the same buyer. First bad thing is, you cant combine shipping even if the items are from the same seller. All must be sent separately and full shipping cost each. (So much for reducing global warming) and if u return an item you will not receive a real refund, you get a “credit” on your buyers account only. In my case, both items were shipped in old boxes with poor amateur packing. That resulting in bad damage on both. The smaller item I was refunded via a Mercia “credit” that had a 90 day expiration. The other they requested an actual return for a “refund”, but the label they send was underweight and UPS refused to take it. And mercari refused to do anything to correct it. So on that item (a pricey vintage 1960’s portable record player) I lost the item ( destroyed in shipping) that I paid for, plus the shipping, plus the cost to have re-box & repack up a very large item only to drive to USP the next town over to have them refuse it unless i wanted to pay the additional 13 lbs difference. And then only to receive a credit for my troubles. No thanks. This is addition to the very slow shipping time when u buy any item from them. Not recommended & buyers should beware.

  4. Mercari is for sellers only, not buyers, DO NOT buy anything on Mercari marketplace, you will regret it

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