Looking for how to transfer money from Mercari to PayPal? Don’t worry here is the solution. In this article, you will learn about how you can send money or balance earned from Mercari to your PayPal account.

After that, you can send your money from PayPal to your local bank account. Mercari is one of the best online selling and buying platforms.


Basically, the Mercari app processes all kinds of payments to avoid any loss or damage to buyers and sellers. Mercari customer service is also very great and always ready to help you.

You can contact them if you need any kind of help. If you don’t know how to speak to someone at Mercari, tell us in the comment section below and we will provide you complete guidance on it.

How To Transfer Money From Mercari To Paypal

You can easily transfer your funds collected over Mercari to your PayPal account online. Below are the steps to send the Mercari balance to PayPal.

1. To send money from Mercari to PayPal, you should have a PayPal cash card.

2. First of all, open the official website or application of PayPal.

3. Go to the app menu and there you will see the “Settings” option, click on it.


4. Next you have to “Set up direct deposit”.


5. Copy your details like account and routing numbers.


6. Now you have to open your “Mercari account” and click on “Settings”.

7. In this step, go to “Balance” and then click on “Funds transfer”.

8. Lastly, enter your account number and routing number and save the settings.

By using the above steps, you can easily send Mercari money and balance to your PayPal account.

How Do I Transfer Balance On Mercari?

You can request for transfer balance on Mercari by getting a login to your account. Following are the steps to send the balance on Mercari to a bank account.

  • First, go to Mercari app or website and sign into your account.
  • Then open “settings”.
  • Next you have to click on “Balance”.
  • Further, tap on “Transfer” and enter your account details.

To send your Mercari balance to your PayPal account through direct deposit, see the above paragraph. You can get your balance within minutes by using the instant payment service.

However, direct deposits can take some time to show your funds into your account. It may take up to 5 business days. 

Direct deposits are only worked over checking or testing accounts.

How Do You Get Your Money From Mercari?

Once a buyer gets his order then you both have to rate the transaction on the Mercari application. After this, the buyer will get his money. To view your account balance, you have to visit ‘settings and then ‘Balance’.

Below are the three ways to get your money from Mercari.

  • First you can use your balance to ‘Buy products on Mercari’.
  • You can also transfer Mercari money to your checking account by using ‘Direct Deposit’ (explained above).
  • You can also get paid in a very short time by using ‘Instant Pay’.

How Do I Link My PayPal To Mercari?

You can link your PayPal account to Mercari app in two ways.

1. During Checkout:
  • First open your Mercari account on app or website.
  • Then you have to click on “Card & Billing” option.
  • Next, tap on “Connect with PayPal” account.
  • Then enter your PayPal account details.
  • Once you have done, click on “Agree to PayPal’s Terms of Service”.
  • That’s all, you done it. Move further towards checkout.
2. Under Settings:
  • First, open “settings” on Mercari app.
  • Next, go to “My Payments” option.
  • Now you have to click on “Connect with PayPal” account.
  • In the last, put your PayPal account details and agree the Terms and Conditions of PayPal.

It is requested to note that you can get refunds for PayPal transactions on Mercari within 45 days after the purchase.

Is PayPal Safe With Mercari?

Yes, PayPal is safe with Mercari. All the transactions over Mercari are protected by the Buyer Guarantee. If you purchase something Mercari app, the seller will not get paid until you got your order as described in the listing.

After leaving a review on Mercari by both sides, the seller will get paid. Furthermore, the shipping process through Mercari is also time-saving and reliable.

If you will pay money outside the Mercari then they are unable to do anything for you. This type of payment is called “Offline Transaction”. It is requested that please don’t bypass the Mercari.


WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I transfer my money from Mercari to PayPal. Still, if you are getting any problems then you can ask us in the comment section below. Our expert staff will reply to you as soon as possible.

You can also share your review or experience with Mercari by writing it below. Be honest while writing your review. It will help new customers in the future. 

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  1. Any experience using PayPal key to instant transfer mercari funds to PayPal? Waiting on a new debit card but they take ages to get here.

  2. MERCARI DIDN’T WAIT FOR MY COMMENT OR REVIEW cuz I lost my phone the day the pkg arrived and after telling the seller my measurements she still sent me a belt that didn’t even go all the way around my waist so, they paid her anyways! I got to a computer asap and found an email for them but it was wrong, neither of these were my fault but by the next day I noticed it came back and I saw another address, also both phone #s are invalid but anyways by then I was a day late and that’s all thar mattered to these awful greedy people. They refused my refund on that lame reason when they should have scolded the seller for misrepresenting the size, but NO, SHE GETS PAID FOR BEING A SHADY LIAR AND I GOT SCREWED cuz I lost my phone and they had multiple addresses. This MAKES ME SICK! I CAN’T MAKE THEM GIVE MY $ BACK AND THERE has to be some recourse here because this is unethical and just plain evil.

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