How To Leave A Review On Poshmark

How To Leave A Review On Poshmark App

If you are looking for how to leave a seller review and ratings on Poshmark then you are on the right place. Here you will know about how the seller ratings system of Poshmark works. By reading this answer on WikiAns, you will able to write a review or feedback for the seller on Poshmark. WikiAns is the best answering site which always tries to provide best and relevant answers.

How To Leave Feedback Or Review On Poshmark

First of all you have to login into your account in order to leave a review on Poshmark. The buyer can also write review and give feedback to the seller. The process of ratings will come when a buyer gets product from the seller. At this point, buyer can choose to leave you a seller rating. The buyer will give ratings in the form of stars, range from 1-5. 1 star is for lowest rating and 5 stars for highest rating. It will depend upon the buyer interaction and experience with the seller. If the experience was good, buyer will give you 5 stars rating. Along the star ratings, there is another option of leaving a comment for the seller.  Here is the process to leave a review on Poshmark.

Step 1: 

First of all open your Poshmark buyer’s account.

Step 2: 

Enter your login details into required fields and press sign in button.

Step 3:

Go the notification menu where you have received a notification from seller, your product has been arrived to you.

Step 4:

On this step, buyer can give stars 1-5 to the seller. Be honest to give star rating to seller because it will affect future’s customers and also the reputation of seller.

Step 5:

You can also leave a feedback on Poshmark in form of comment. This comment is also called Love Note.

Once you have done, click on submit your review.

Usually, the buyer has a time of 72 hours to accept their purchase. A buyer can leave a rating at any time. An option of edit comment or update your review is also available for buyer. A seller can see his average ratings by visiting to My Closet Stats available in the Poshmark app.

Who Can See Seller Ratings?

Anyone who uses Poshmark app can see seller ratings. People can visit your closet’s about page to view seller ratings and Love Notes. These Love Notes are visible to users who are logged in through the Poshmark mobile app.

The good thing is that if a buyer will not give you full star ratings and love note then seller and buyer can only see this negative rating.  It means seller and buyer both are able to view bad ratings or negative feedback in the app. But Poshmark support team can access data on each person’s ratings. This is because they want to solve any issues between buyer and seller.

Why This Happened?

No doubt, it’s a good thing that everyone can see seller 5-star ratings with Love Notes. This will help potential buyers to feel more relax and comfortable about shopping your closet.

So, it’s very important for the sellers that they have some positive reviews and ratings. Otherwise, buyer might raise a red flag for you. That’s why be sure to write correct descriptions about the product. If the buyer has any queries then answer him in polite and humble way. Ship their products with extra care and love.

If you have lukewarm or negative ratings then no problem, these will help you to improve as a seller. A seller can view improvement in the categories if a buyer leaves 4 stars or less rating. If your buyer was not satisfied with your product then ask them what you need to improve. This will helpful for you in the future to get more positive reviews. One thing keep in mind, your improvement should very fast. If a seller will do this then next review will be stellar.

It can be seen that some certain people will leave negative reviews for no reason. It’s impossible to satisfy them. When you see this situation, don’t worry no one else can see it. It’s natural you will go frustrated but in the end keep relax your mind about it. Don’t think so much about it and focus on your next sale.

Best And Easy Method To Get 5-star Rating

Here is the method of how to get 5-star rating on Poshmark. Keep following thing accurate as you can.

  1. Take clear photos of product’s front and back.
  2. Second thing after folding, pack your item with extra care.
  3. You should include a hand-written “Thank You” Note for the buyer upon his purchase.
  4. Shipment process should be fast. Note more than two days.

What to do when buyer doesn’t rate the transaction

Sometime it’s happened that a buyer will get his product and don’t leave any feedback or rating. At this time, don’t feel the buyer is not happy with his purchase. May be the buyer completely forgotten about it or it was their first time purchasing on Poshmark. Don’t think too much about it, sometimes usually people don’t have time to give reviews or they don’t know how to do it.

If a seller faces this kind of situation, just contact the buyer and politely ask about the review. It’s totally appropriate that you have contacted your buyer about leaving a review. You can do this by mentioning the buyer in your own listing. It’s not right to comment on the buyer’s listings because they might not remember who you are or what they bought.  So, if you ask for feedback on your own listing it makes very clear what you are discussing about.


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