If you are searching for how to cancel EA play subscription on steam online then you are in right place. Here you will learn about how you stop EA play membership on steam. Those who like games will be very well aware of EA games.

Electronic Arts (EA) play is the conclusive game destination for those who love to play EA games. If you have a subscription to EA games on steam then you can get more rewards, discounts, and exclusive trials for just $29.99 US dollars for a whole year.


Do you know where EA play is available? Electronic Arts games are available on different platforms such as Steam, Xbox, Xbox One, and PlayStation PS4. 

Although, EA Play is accessible on different platforms your subscription is tied to the platform where you joined it. If you want to unsubscribe from EA play on steam then keep reading this article.

How To Cancel EA Play On Steam

How do I cancel my EA Play membership? Cancelling your EA Play membership is quick and easy. Just log into your Steam account and choose Recurring Subscriptions. In order to cancel EA Play on steam, apply the following steps carefully.

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Steam on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Get log in to your steam account.

Step 3: Click on your profile “Gear” located at the top right corner.


Step 4: It will show you a drop-down menu. Next, tap on “Account Details”.


Step 5: On your account details page, look for “Manage Subscription” and click on it.


Step 6: Next you will see a page containing all the games subscriptions.

Step 7: As you want to cancel EA Play on Steam so click on the “Edit” option located in front of EA Play.


Step 8: After that, you will see three options. Choose “Cancel My Subscription” and click on the “Apply” button.


Step 9: That’s all. It will show you a message as “This subscription is now canceled”.


In this way, you can easily cancel your EA Play subscription on steam.  

Following are the Benefits of EA Play on STEAM

  • If you want to subscribe special membership of EA play on steam then you can get many benefits. For example, you can get access to incredible in-game challenges and rewards. Invitations to member-only events and more exclusive features are available on steam.
  • Download and play best fan favorite games and series of Electronic Arts’ library. If you have pro membership then you can play any games that you have added already.
  • All the gamers can get flat discount of 10% on EA digital purchases through steam. This package includes, point’s packs, full games, and much more.


Can I cancel EA Play before my membership expires?

Yes, you can cancel EA play on steam before your membership expires. You can avail of discounts, play games, and participate in any free trials till your subscription end. EA play cancel subscription on steam is explained well in the above section.

How can I use my member discount?

If you have already subscribed to EA play membership then you can get a 10% discount automatically. This discount is available on new releases and pre-orders purchases from EA digital library on Steam.

Here one thing must be noted that EA Play is available on different platforms and your discount is only acceptable on a particular platform that you have joined. Let me explain with an example.

If your online gaming platform is steam, then your EA digital purchases here will get 10% off. If you like to play games on Xbox One, then your EA digital purchases on Xbox will get a discount of 10%. If you joined on Xbox One, your EA digital purchases on Xbox would receive a 10% discount.

What does EA access mean?

EA Access is the old name of EA Play. If you have ended up with your free trial access then you have to buy the game if you want to play it next.

When I play EA Play Early Access Trial, will my progress be saved?

Yes, your progress is saved in EA Play Early Access Trial if you want to purchase the game. EA Play members can enjoy new or upcoming games for a limited time period.

After that, they can purchase a full game for further playing. It’s interesting that members can enjoy the latest and new EA games.

What is the price of EA Play?

If you are willing to buy an EA Play membership then it is available for just $4.99 USD for a whole month. If you want to get a discount then you have to sign up and buy a yearly plan for $29.99 USD. Moreover, you can also get a discount of 10%.

How do I participate in EA Play games?

If you want to subscribe to EA Play membership then visit the official website and then sign up for a new account. After that, you can play your favourite games in no time.

Can anyone play EA games on a Mac?

Those who have Mac computers or laptops are not able to play EA games.

Is there any way to share my EA Play subscription with others?

If you have successfully subscribed to EA play membership then you cannot share your steam user account with others. Particularly you are not able to share your EA play subscription via Steam Family Sharing.

What do you know about The Play List?

The Play List describes the collection of well-known games available in your subscription plan. Steam is providing full versions of new games so that you can enjoy them easily.

Why do games on The Play List vary from country to country?

It is obvious that many countries in the world have different rules about what games can be made available or sold. You can also observe variations in The Play List of different countries.

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