Opening A Cereal Shop Is Profitable or Not

Explore here the price of manufacturing a cereal. In addition, find here the factors that determine and increase the profitability of a cereal business. How much it costs to open a cereal shop is also available here. 

Many of us do not think about when we buy cereal and how much we are spending on it. We checked the numbers of Seven Sundays Company’s cereal. Interestingly, the results we got will surprise you. So keep reading below.

First of all, you will be happy to read a good part of this phenomenon. The money you spend on buying cereal is utilized in providing cereal to you through various stages. That includes paying distributors, grocery stores, and shipping companies like UPS. It takes people, shelves, and trucks to make sure you get your cereal.

Starting a cereal business can be a good idea to promote healthy eating. You can create your own cereal brand that makes money by having the right products, a good marketing plan, and great packaging. Make sure you have a good plan to get your cereal on store shelves and make it a quality product. People like different kinds of healthy breakfast foods, so it’s important to know what cereal people usually buy before making yours.

Example of Seven Sunday Days Cereal Manufacturing Cost

Let’s get straight with an example. Suppose, you have purchased Seven Sundays cereals for a dollar. Then, the largest chunk, which is about $0.23, goes toward paying for the ingredients. In addition, include the price of making it which is around $0.09, and the price of packaging which is $0.05. So the rest of the amount is spent on other expenditures. Besides, if a cereal business owner purchases packaging in bulk like custom cereal boxes, he can surely save money.

Example of Seven Sunday Days Cereal Manufacturing Cost

Is Starting Cereal Shop Business Profitable?

Yes, opening a cereal shop is profitable. Because selling the cereals will give you a gross margin of 40%. This margin is quite high. Hence, this way, you can expand your business and handle costs easily. However, you can produce your product within 7 months. So it is not too long to market your developed product in the market.

Factors Affecting The Potential Of Cereal Shop

Selling cereals can be a good way to earn money because there’s always a demand for food everywhere. Even when times are tough, food businesses usually have customers. Therefore, you can start this business without any hesitation. Moreover, this business does not require plenty of money as an investment. So you can take a step initially on a lower level and then upscale your business with the passage of time.

To save money, you can buy cereals straight from farmers. But, even though selling cereals in Kenya can make you money, it’s important to plan well and think about important things. To learn how to plan your business, you can take a Business Planning Course at Finstock Varsity College.

1. Market demand

As we know the population of many countries is growing day by day.  So there are a lot of people who want cereal products. First, check out the current market status of cereals. Figure out what kind of cereal products are available in the market to meet consumers’ needs. This way, you can fill out the gaps in the market and sell your items.

2. Competition

Another important factor is competition. Look around your shop and see the level of completion. Check the products of your competitors to analyze the competition. Moreover, find out the costs and other factors and provide cereals to customers at lower prices but in premium quality to consumers. That way, you can easily beat your competition and sell your items quickly.  

3. Location

Location is a key factor in selling more and more cereals. Choose the point where your clients can easily reach you. Make sure to have your shop in the busy area. So that more consumers can visit you. In addition, a supreme location will cost you high. You will have to pay much price for basic utilities like rending, electricity bills, etc.

4. Production and Supply Chain

Do not stop your production and supply chain. That way, your sales will drop and you may also lose regular potential buyers. So make sure to have a regular supply chain or ingredients. Hence, your production will continue. For effective sales, make a plan for production and supply chain matters.

5. Funding

Starting a cereal business needs a lot of money. So, you must think about how to get that money. Check out different ways like loans, grants, or investments. See which one works best for your business.

Factors Affecting The Potential Of Cereal Shop


How Much Profit Do Cereal Companies Make?

Cereal costs a lot to make but brings in good money for the companies that produce it. The exact profits for each type of cereal are kept secret, but if we look at general numbers from the industry (Source: UBS Warburg), the typical cereal brings in around 17 percent profit.

What Is The Profit Margin On Cereals?

Most breakfast cereals are made using a method called extrusion. You can earn lots of money while selling cereals offline and online. The profit margin on cereals is 40-45%. In addition, this food is quite popular among various nations.

Is The Cereal Industry Declining?

Back in 2016, a research firm named IBISWorld said that they figured people bought cold and hot cereals for $10.6 billion. This was less by 17% compared to the $12.7 billion they got in 2009. The firm also guessed that sales would keep dropping until 2020, and they were pretty much correct.


The cost insights for manufacturing a cereal are explained above. We do hope that you have got it right. Moreover, you can also read above how much money is needed to open a cereal shop. For more information and assistance, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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