Do you worry about AGL electricity bills and want to cancel your account? Don’t worry here you will read all the aspects of your issues related AGL account cancellation and much more. AGL is the short form of ‘Australian Gas Light Company’. This company is the largest electric and gas supply company in Australia and New Zealand.

Many people move from their previous homes and shift to new ones. But sometimes they get electricity bills coming from their last connections. If you are facing the same case then don’t worry we will explain complete steps to cancel AGL electricity account. By reading this article, you will be able to cancel both types of connections residential and commercial.

how to cancel my agl account

To close AGL account is very simple and quick process. Consumers can submit account cancellation requests online. For this, you need to speak or chat with someone at AGL customer service. We’ve explained below the 4 ways to contact AGL support team. We hope that after reading these four methods you will get the solution to your problem.

How To Cancel My Agl Account By Using Live Chat

To cancel your AGL account, you need to get in touch with the support team. Customer service will arrange disconnection of your services immediately. AGL will also charge a disconnection fee as the final meter reading. However, you can also ask for any cancellation fee from the support team.

Apply the following steps to cancel AGL Electricity/Gas account:

  • First, you need to click on “Submit Cancellation Request” below.
  • Next click on “My Account”, located at the top left.
cancel agl account
  • Enter your account details to log in.
close agl account
  • Then scroll down the page and tap on “Live Chat”.
agl disconnection of account
  • A chat box will open and click to “Start Chatting”.
agl cancel account
  • Then choose “Energy” section.
cancel agl account
  • Select your issue in the list if it exists. Otherwise hit “Something else”.
cancel my agl account
  • Now ask them to disconnect or cancel your agl account.

Follow the information provided by AGL support agent. The support team is very active and they will surely solve your issue. If you need to cancel your AGL business/commercial account then contact 133 835 (Monday–Friday, 8 am–6 pm AEST).

Important Tip

The live chat option is great to submit your cancellation request. However, if this is not helping you then please read other ways to cancel your connection. We suggest you read this whole article, you will get many solutions to your problem. So keep reading below.

Some Other Ways To Close Your AGL Account

There are some other ways to approach AGL support team other than live chat option. See below

  • Send a text message and explain your issue.
  • In order to speak with AGL support agent, dial 131245.
  • You can also use interpreter services by using number 1300 307 245.
  • Overseas customers can contact at +613 8633 600.

How Can I Submit Complaints To AGL?

In this paragraph, you will read about complaints process of AGL. Australian Gas Light Company pays great importance to their consumers. If something went wrong for you then AGL is committed to making it right.

AGL offers very simple, quick and fair complaints system. Also, AGL believed there is no compromise on your privacy. That’s why all complaints are treated confidentially. Lots of complaints are resolved in a few days. However, some complaints take a bit longer time.

AGL’s support team is very efficient and treats its customers with great respect. To get a reasonable solution to your problem, please be patient and also give respect to the support team.

Step 1: Give Feedback

If you are facing any kind of problem then give us your feedback. AGL investigation team will look after the matter and resolve it for you. Customers can provide feedback to AGL by using the following steps.

  • First click on Feedback “Form”.
  • Next, choose “Complaints”.
  • Now select the account type like “Energy, Internet, Mobile”.
  • Fill out all the required fields.
  • Write your feedback in the empty box.
  • Lastly, once you have done click “Submit”.

By using above steps, consumers can submit their complaints to AGL online. They will respond to your complaints within a few days.

Step 2: Use Email/Phone Number

If you are not satisfied with the solution you get through feedback then you can speak to someone at AGL by dialling 1800 775 329. Support hours are 8 am–6 pm AEST, (Monday–Friday). Otherwise, write your complaint in an email and send it to

The AGL internal complaint process can resolve the majority of the issues. That’s why we suggest you use it first and give the opportunity to AGL support team to resolve the matter.

However, if you are not getting any proper solution then you may get help from the Ombudsman. Furthermore, customers can get free independent advice and information at any time from Ombudsman.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I cancel my AGL account? In the above article, we have explained all the possible ways to submit account cancellation request.

Still, if you need more help then reach out to customer service. Furthermore, you can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.  We’ll publish your reviews on our site.

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