how_do_i speak_to_someone_at_uber_eats

Get here the best answer to how do I speak to someone at uber eats. UberEats is one of the best online food delivery services worldwide. However, it is not easy to run big businesses but UBER Eats is providing the best customer support service to their users.

This article is completely based on how you can get in touch with uber eats customer support. You can also read the help section available on the official website.

Uber Eats has started business operations in many countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Austria, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc. Uber Eats customer help section provides you with information on every single topic related to both drivers and riders.

how_do_i speak_to_someone_at_uber_eats

How Do I Speak To Someone at Uber Eats

In order to speak or talk to someone (live person) at uber eats, you have to book an appointment with a customer care representative. By using the following steps you can also talk with the human at uber eats customer support.

  1. If you need to speak to someone at uber eats then you have to get signed in to your account.
  2. Now click on “book an appointment” button given below.
  3. On this page, you will see “booking appointments” option in the UberEats menu.
  4. Tab on this, for further information.
  5. Uber Eats customer support is available every Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM.
  6. Once you booked an appointment, then uber eats customer care agent will call you back.

In this way, you can speak or talk to someone (human) at uber eats. However, if you are living in Canada then you call +27800172956.

Uber eats customer service phone number for the UK is 0808 189 7190.

Contact number uber eats Australia is 1300 091 272. If provided numbers are not working, read the above steps to talk with the customer care representative at uber eats.

UberEats Customer Care Support Service Number Online

If you want to ask any question to uber eats customer care support service then you can do it online. This help section remains open 24×7 for uber eats customers.

If you want to contact uber eats for any assistance then apply the following steps. By using these steps, you can also speak to someone at uber eats.

  1. Get login into your account by using uber eats app or online website.
  2. Then click on “Help” button located in upper corner of the app.
  3. On this page, you can see best answers to FAQ.
  4. In order to submit your question, visit

Once you have submitted your question, the uber eats support team will reply to you within 24 hours. If notification service is available on your phone then you will receive a response from UberEats.

You can read uber eats customer support team’s response to your question by visiting your email inbox.

Uber Eats Live Chat Support

Uber eats live chat support is available here. Uber eats is an international food delivery service started by Uber. If you have any questions and problems, read the above section to talk with a representative at ubereats.  

UberEats Customer Service Hours

Ubereats customer service hours are available from 10 am to 5 pm every Monday to Friday. During these hours you can book an appointment to ubereats customer support team.

If you don’t know how to book your appointment then read above on this page.

UberEats Phone Number Canada

In order to speak with someone at uber eats Canada then dial the helpline number +27800172956. By using this number you can directly contact UberEats customer service Canada. Read the following steps to contact uber eats by phone.

  • In the first step, open uber eats app.
  • Click on “Help section”.
  • Now hit the “call support” option if you want to speak with someone at uber eats customer service.

By using above steps you can easily talk to human at uber eats.

Uber Eats Contact Number UK

If you are living in the United Kingdom UK then you can directly call uber eats customer service phone number 0808 189 7190. You can also get support from the official website by visiting its help section.

Here you can get answers to most asked questions. You can also talk with a live person by select the “Call Support” option available in the help menu.

Contact Uber Eats Australia

Those customers who are using uber eats Australia and want to contact the support team then call at helpline number 1300 091 272.

If this number is not in working condition then please read the above section if you want to speak with a live person.

Uber India Customer Care Number

If you want to contact at uber eats India customer care number then you can do it between 10 am to 5 pm every Monday to Friday. If you are facing any issue then you can discuss it with uber by submitting an appointment.

If you don’t know how to submit how to book an appointment on uber then read the above section and click on the available button.

How to Track Uber Eats Order If It is Taking Longer than You Expected

If you want to track your uber eats order, you have to check ETA of your delivery rider. The delivery person’s ETA is available on the app.

You can also contact directly to your uber eats rider for details. Read the following steps to track or check the status of uber eats order online.

  1. First of all, open uber eats app on your iPhone or android mobile.
  2. In the mobile application you can see side bar menu.
  3. Now click on “receipt icon” located at the bottom of menu bar.
  4. In order to select your current delivery, hit the “Upcoming” button.
  5. In order to view the status, click on “Track”.
  6. Read the description to understand its tracking information.
  7. Select the delivery rider and watch the location on a map appears in your phone screen.
  8. Now see the current status of your delivery person and track rider’s location.

By using above steps you can easily track your order on uber eats.

Uber Eats Complaint – How To Complain To Uber Eats

In this section, you will get best method of write complain to uber eats. Read the following steps which are related to uber eats complaint section.

  • First of open you uber eats app.
  • Get sign in to your account.
  • Find the “Account” menu which is located at the end of the application.
  • Now click on “Help” button. It will direct you to frequently asked questions page.
  • Select the topic which is close to your issue and get the answer.

How To Leave A Review If You Have Bad Experience With Uber Eats

If you are facing some issue with your uber eats delivery person then you can rate him according to your experience. Your valuable feedback is very important for the betterment of the service. Complete the following steps to give your feedback on UberEats.

  1. Review on Uber Eats by clicking on “receipt icon” located at the end of menu bar.
  2. Then select the order you would like to give your feedback.
  3. Now hit the “Rate order” button.
  4. Write your review related to restaurant, delivery partner and specific food that you have ordered.

What to do if Uber Eats Order Never Arrived?

If your uber eats order never arrived and your app is showing as received then you have to contact your delivery person immediately. You can do it by clicking on “Help” located on your order screen.

You can contact your rider by tapping on “Get help” on the home screen menu. In order to call uber eats rider please following the steps given below.

  • First of all, call your local uber eats support phone helpline number.
  • If your order is not completed yet as you can see on the map then click on “Contact” button available on order tracking screen.
  • Now select between SMS text message or Call.

Speak to Someone at UberEats by Social Media Platforms

If still you are facing problem in order to talk with someone at ubereats then visit the following social media platforms and ask your problem there.

Uber Eats Corporate Head Office


Uber Eats corporate head office is located in San Francisco, USA. You can also send your issue to the uber headquarters by post. Following is the postal address and phone of uber eats corporate headquarters.

UberEATS Corporate Address

1455 Market St #400,

San Francisco, CA 94103,


UberEats Customer Service Phone Number

The customer care number for uber eats is (800) 253-9377. Uber eats customer support telephone for USA is (800) 253-6882.

Uber Eats Email Address

If you are restaurant owner and you have any question related to uber eats then you must email at for any complain and customer support please send your email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below the answers to frequently asked questions of Ubereats.

Can I Contact My Delivery Person Before Dropoff?

Yes, you can contact your delivery person before drop-off. In order to speak with uber eats delivery partner, you have to click on “contact” button located on order tracking screen.  

In this way, you can talk directly to your delivery person if you have any questions. One thing must keep in mind is that your delivery partner is on the way to you and may not be able to pick the call or write a text message.

I Need To Contact The Merchant’s Delivery Staff For My Order, How Do I Do This?

If you want to contact the merchant’s delivery staff of your order then it is not possible by using uber eats app.

However, you can call them directly. In this way, they will contact their staff for you.


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