If you are looking for how to cancel a pending purchase on vroom then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how to cancel a vroom purchase and get your deposit refund. Vroom service is now working in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK.

By using vroom website or app, people can purchase rental vehicles and book other services. These services are provided by third party providers. Vroom does not recommend any provider and also has no control over the services supplied by providers.

how to cancel a pending purchase on vroom

To cancel a pending purchase on Vroom is a very simple process. Just open your confirmation email and click on “Cancel or Modify” link. It will lead you to the cancellation page. Customers can also contact customer support to submit cancellation request. For full information, read below paragraph.

How To Cancel A Pending Purchase On Vroom

Customers can cancel vroom rental vehicle booking at any time. For this, you need to contact customer support according to your country.

1. Cancel Pending Purchase on Vroom Australia

  1. Go to your email inbox.
  2. Open booking confiramtion email received from Vroom.
  3. Click on a link to cancel a pending purchase.
  4. Follow the insturctions provided in the email.
  5. Alternatively, call customer support 1300 722 920.

You can also dial local number 0730 626 879 for more help.

2. To Cancel A Pending Purchase on Vroom United States

Vroom United States, offers easiest way to cancel or modify your booking. Just open the confirmation email and tap on a link to cancel pending purchase. Customers can also cancel booking free of charge if it is prior to 48 hours from pick up.

To submit cancellation request by using website, read below.

  1. First, login to Vroom USA official website.
  2. Then open “My Booking Page”.
  3. Find the booking you want to cancel.
  4. Next, click on “Cancel” if you wish to procede.

Afterwards, you will receive an email or SMS notification to confirm your booking has been cancelled.

3. Cancel a booking on Vroom Canada

Yes, you can cancel a booking on Vroom Canada. For this, just open your email inbox and scroll down. There you will see “Cancel or Modify” link. Click on a link to cancel a pending purchase without cancellation fee.

Other ways to cancel your booking.

  • Reach customer service here
  • Send an email to Help@VroomVroomVroom.com
  • Call customer support 1-888 463 8946, (702) 224 2327

4. Modify or cancel booking from UK

Open your confirmation email and click on “Manage My Booking”. This will direct you toward cancellation page. Fill out required information to cancel pending purchase on Vroom.

  • Login to your account, open “My Booking” page.
  • Next, find the booking you want to cancel.
  • Alternatively dial toll free number 0808 164 1480, +44 808 164 1480.

5. Cancellation Procedure for New Zealand

Those users who are living in New Zealand can cancel their booking from an online link. Alternatively, they can contact customer support for any amendments or changes.

  • Send an email to info@vroomvroomvroom.co.nz
  • Dial toll free numbers 0800 141466, 09 950 8452

How To Get Vroom Deposit Refund

Vroom will refund your full deposit if you wish to cancel the booking before the rental pick up date and time. This time period will be mentioned in confirmation email.

  • If you have cancelled your booking which was confirmed less than 48 hours in advance of the booking pick up date and time, then refund will not be processed.
  • You will not get refund if you’ve picked up your rental.
  • If any customer fail to collect vechicle at the pick up date & time.
  • If you’ve insuffiecint funds into your credit card for vehicl’s security deposit.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how to cancel a pending purchase on vroom? In the above article, we’ve explained all the steps according to your country. Still, if you need more help then you can contact customer support.

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