how to cancel asos order

If you are looking for how to cancel an ASOS order then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can contact ASOS customer support and request them to cancel your order.

ASOS has approximately 23 locations in the Europe and UK. The worldwide net sales of ASOS are $3 billion.

Those people who are living in US, Australia, Canada, and Ireland can also purchase different products on ASOS. If they are unhappy with the purchase then ASOS customer support is always ready to cancel orders.  

how to cancel asos order

How to Cancel ASOS Order Online on App

You can cancel ASOS order online on app or website by reading the following steps. The cancellation process is depending upon your chosen shipping options.

For example, if you have selected Express and Next-Day Shipping then you have only 15 minutes to cancel your order after the purchase.

Those customers who have selected the Standard Shipping option cancel their order within 60 minutes after the purchase. To cancel ASOS order, apply the following easy steps.

  1. First, you need to get logged in to your account on ASOS app or website.
  2. Now go to menu and look for “recent orders”.
  3. To cancel order on ASOS, click on “Cancel/View” button next to your order.
  4. Next you will see summary of your order. Choose the reason why you want to cancel the order.
  5. Lastly, you have to click on “cancel” button, located under the summary.

If you have successfully cancelled your order then you will receive a confirmation email from ASOS. If the cancel button is not available then it is too late to terminate your purchase.

In this situation, you can return the item back to ASOS just after you receive it.  Wanted to return ASOS order? Read below.

How To Return Online Bought ASOS Order

If you want to return items back to ASOS through UPS Ground then you need to use one of the 47,000 locations around the country.

To locate nearest UPS Ground Post Office, click here. Keep in mind, your order return slip is not attached with the box. You need to create and download it online.

Below are the steps to create your return slip.

  1. To return ASOS order, go to “My Account” then click on “My Orders”.
  2. Next you have to tap on “Create Return”.
  3. Choose the items that you want to return.
  4. Select the reason in the drop down menu that why you want to return the order.
  5. If you consider adding brief information, then use empty box.
  6. Next, search your nearest drop-off location and choose it.
  7. In the next screen, you will see “Create Return” button, tap on it.
  8. Now, open your email inbox and download returns label.
  9. Print the label and attach it to the box.
  10. In the last step, drop off your return. That’s all, you’re done.

Why ASOS Cancelled My Order

ASOS has cancelled your order due to many reasons. A few of them are given below.

  • Your ordered item is out of stock.
  • Required amount is not available in the account.
  • Name and address not matched with credit card. Etc.

If you have got cancel your order then ASOS will return your amount through the original form of payment.

The refund time will depend upon the payment method that you’ve selected during the checkout stage.

How Much is ASOS Refund Time

ASOS will take up to 10 business days to refund your amount. ASOS cancel order refund time will also depend upon your payment provider.

That’s why ASOS is unable to speed up the refund time. If the customers don’t get their refunds within 10 working days then they should contact ASOS customer support.

To speak with someone at ASOS, visit the official website and click on “contact us now” button. 


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