If you are looking for how to leave a review on AutoTrader then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how reviews work for Autotrader. According to internet research, more than 92% of people read reviews before going to purchase online.

That’s why reviews are a very important part of any business. By leaving and writing reviews, customers express their shopping experience with other people. By doing this, customers also suggest dealers improve the services for next time.

how to leave a review on autotrader

Leaving a dealer review on Autotrader is very simple and quick. Your service provider will send an email notification with a link to leave a review after the conclusion of a deal. If you have not received the link yet, then you can ask your dealer to do this. For complete steps, read below.

How To Leave A Review On Autotrader

The reviews system of Autotrader is very efficient. At the end of each deal, your service provider will send you an email with a review button. Apply the following steps to write a review on Autotrader.

  1. First, you need to check your email inbox.
  2. Here you will get an email with a link.
  3. To leave a feedback on autotrader, click at “Review” button.
  4. On next window, review page will open.
  5. Give star ratings according to your experiance.
  6. Leave review for dealer in the empty box and click “Submit”.

By using above steps, customers can leave Autotrader reviews. However, if you have not got the email from your service provider then you can ask him to do so.

After leaving a review on Autotrader, your review will show as ‘verified’ reviews. This will highlight that you’ve written a real review.

How To Leave A Car Review On Autotrader UK

Now you will learn about how you can leave a review on a car by using Autotrader United Kingdom. See the following steps for more information.

  • First, you need to login by visting here.
  • After sign in, write your “Name” after reading description.
customer review on autotrader
  • On next page, type “Vehicle Registeration Number”.
dealer review on autotrader
  • Now provide star ratings according to your experiance.
how do i leave a review on autotrader
  • Next, explain all the reasons of your review in the empty box.
how do i leave a dealer review on autotrader
  • Lastly, tick the check mark and click on “Submit” button.
autotrader reviews

Above steps will help to write a car owner review on Autotrader UK.  

What happens if I leave a bad review on autotrader?

All reviews of customers will be published on the official website whether they are good or bad. Autotrader will not remove reviews with negative customer experience.

Every review will be observed before publishing on the official site. If it breaks the moderation law, then Autotrader team will remove it.

Why my autotrader review is not showing?

Autotrader will reject the review if you don’t follow the review guidelines. Read below important points of review policy.

  • Don’t use captial letters in excess.
  • Review will get rejected if includes offensive language.
  • Due to not providing full and correct name.
  • Directly quoting a dealer.

If you are facing any trouble in leaving a review then you can contact Autotrader at reviewenquiries@autotrader.co.uk

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you got the answer to how do I leave a dealer review on Autotrader? In the above article, we have discussed all the possible ways to write an Autotrader review.  

Still, if you have any queries related to reviews then send an email to reviewenquiries@autotrader.co.uk. Customers can also share their shopping experience in the comment space below. We’ll publish it on our site. Be honest while writing your review.

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