If you are searching for how to leave a review on torrid then you are in right place. Following are the steps to leave feedback on torrid. Read them carefully.

Reviews are so important for both customers and sellers. When someone is shopping online, then he or she attempts to tell others about the quality of this purchase, if the quality of the product is good, the buyer will tell other people that this product is okay.

  1. First of all, you need to sign in into your torrid account.
  2. Then visit your account and look for purchasing items.
  3. Select the product on which you want to write a review.
  4. Now you can share your experience with the seller.
  5. Be honest while sharing your experience because it will help other customers in future.
  6. Once you have done, click on submit review button.

By following the above steps you can get the answer to how to write a review on torrid. You can also leave a review by visiting your email inbox.

There you can see an email in which you have asked to share your thoughts with the seller. We hope that you have got the answer to how to leave a review on torrid.

5 Interesting Facts You Must Read About TORRID

1. Torrid WIKI

Torrid is basically formed for the clothing of American women. It is owned by Sycamore Partners, owners of hot topic. The interesting fact is, it was opened for clothes and accessories of plus size women size 10 to 30.

Torrid started its operations in 2001. Torrid is amazingly running 600 stores in all states. You will get amazed that its first store was opened in Brea Mall, California.

2. Torrid Headquarters

The headquarters of Torrid are located in California, the city of industry. The CEO of Torrid is Elizabeth Muñoz. Its main products are plus size clothing and gifts.

It has now become one of the best online shopping stores. The torrid HQ address is 18501 East San Jose Avenue City of Industry, CA 91748 United States.

Torrid corporate office phone number is 1-626-667-1002.


3. Torrid App

You can also purchase products on torrid app download it online. Surprisingly torrid application has 4.6 ratings on play store. This is a bigger rating for any plus size female clothing app.

  • Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and track them from your phone while using app.
  • You can get $10 rewards for every 200 points earned.
  • Shop more with earned rewards.

 Now days you can also watch and download movies by using torrid movie app.

4. Torrid Net Worth

The total net worth and Revenue of torrid is US$ 725,142,000 (FY ’05). It is one of the largest revenue of any online selling brands.

5. Torrid Positive Reviews

Amazing torrid has maximum positive reviews on the Google play store. Lots of people buy products online and write positive reviews on daily basis.

Read the following reviews of torrid app users these will help you.


How to contact customer service of torrid?

First of all, you should see torrid customer service hours, and then you can email them.

Mon – Fri: 6am – 7pm PST

Sat: 7am – 7pm PST

Sun: 7am – 6pm PST

You can describe your issue by sending an e-mail to them. The torrid email address is here.

You can also describe your complain on torrid customer care service phone number.

CountryPhone number
United States:1.866.867.7431

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  1. I made a purchase on the 22nd of June, 2022. My card was placed on hold for the amount ! low and behold another hold was placed, FOR THE SAME AMOUNT AFTER THE ITEMS WERE SHIPPED. I SPOKE WITH A SHERYL, NYRA……I TOLD THEM THAT I NEED AN EMAIL FOR MY Bank to release the hold. STATING THAT THERE IS NO OTHER ORDERS OUTSTANDING FOR THAT AMOUNT. TO DATE I HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN ANSWER OR AN E MAIL FROM TORRID.

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