how to cancel emeals subscription without subscription

If you are looking for how to cancel emeals subscription and trial then you are in right place. In this article, you will know about the complete details of cancellation policy of Emeals. 

It’s a very famous grocery delivery business and the meal planning service launched in 2003. From day one, they have helped a large number of families with healthy foods. 

Why Should I Cancel My Emeals Subscription?

If you’ve changed your mind and no longer want to use emeals service then you must cancel it. It’s because Emeals will automatically change your trial subscription to a paid plan.

Even they will not inform you while doing that. So we recommend you cancel your Emeals subscription before they will charge you again.

The complete answer to how to cancel emeals on iphone is explained below, so keep reading.

how to cancel emeals subscription without subscription

How To Cancel Emeals Subscription and Trail

Cancelling emeals subscription is a very easy and quick process. To cancel emeals subscription and trial on iphone, you just need to speak to someone at emeals customer support and request them to cancel your subscription.  

Before calling emeals customer service, read the following steps carefully.

While speaking with emeals support team, they will verify your identity. They would like to ask some information related to you such as, name, address, phone number etc.

It is a basic step to verify that right person is calling.

Step 2 – To Cancel Emeals Subscription, Visit The Link Below

You can cancel your Emeals subscription by visiting here here. There is no cancellation possible via phone call.

Step 3 – Request them to cancel your subscription

They probably have plenty of tricks and deals up their sleeve to keep you on board. If you wish, you can accept their offer and keep your Emeals account open.

Otherwise, remember why you’re canceling and stick to it.

Step 4 – Confirm the cancellation of Emeals subscription

You can easily verify whether your subscription is cancelled or not. For this, check your billing status. Go to >> Emeals account >> billing  status.

By using the above steps, you can easily cancel your emeals subscription. However, after the cancellation you can not get access to recipes, list of ingredients, delivery or pickup service through Amazon, walmart or other associated companies. 

How To Cancel Emeals Without Calling – Easily Unsubscribe Your Subscription From Emeals

You can submit a cancellation request by visiting here. We recommend that this method is very easy and efficient.

If you want to unsubscribe from Emeals then you must speak to a representative of customer service.

Cancellation is also not possible by sending a text message, using the live chat option and email. If you want to get in touch with the cancellation department at Emeals then use the following numbers.

  • (205) 721-8820
  • (855) 328-2674 (toll-free)

Can I get a refund from Emeals?

Yes, you can get a refund from Emeals within the time period of 14 days after a charge has been made. Customers can call at customers support number to request a refund.

Cancel Emeals Subscription by using Customer Service Live Chat

If you want some more information related to the cancellation procedure then you can contact emeals customer service by using the following social media platforms.

Just send a message there.


What are the best alternative services to Emeals?

If you are unhappy with Emeals subscription then try one of the exciting services given below.

Company Pricing Benefits 
Real Plans$13.99 a monthFood restriction recipes (paleo, dairy-free, allergies) Over 1,500 recipes
Mealime Meal Plans & RecipesFree, but Mealime Pro goes for $5.99 a monthCustomizable meal plans Food waste reduction

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I cancel emeals order subscription? Still, if you have any questions in your mind then you can ask us in the comment section below.

Our expert team will help you as soon as possible. Want to leave a review on Emeals? Write your Emeals experience in the space given below.

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