If you are looking for how to cancel Lalamove order and booking then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how can cancel an order on Lalamove. We will explain the order cancellation process for Lalamove Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

It is an Asian based company and provides delivery services to millions of users. Lalamove was founded by Shing Chow Shing-yuk in 2013. The headquarters of this delivery service is located in Hong Kong.

how to cancel lalamove order

Lalamove cancel order process is very simple and quick. All the customers can do it online by using Lalamove app. Open your app and go to the help section, click on live chat. To know complete step by step, read the following paragraph.

How To Cancel Lalamove Order

If you have placed an order on Lalamove by mistake or you are unhappy with the purchase then you can cancel Lalamove order by using the official application.

To cancel order in Lalamove, apply the following steps:

1. First, open Lalamove mobile application.

2. Next, go to app “Menu”.

lalamove cancel order

3. Then click on “Help Center” option.

4. On the help center page, tab “General Support”.

how to cancel order in lalamove

5. Enter your name and then “Cancel Order” in the question box.

how to cancel order lalamove

6. Lastly, click on “Start Chat” button.

Provide your order number to the Lalamove customer care agent and submit the cancellation request. After some moment support team will reply to you and accept your cancellation request.

What Happens If I Cancel My Lalamove Order?

After the submission of order cancellation request, you can check whether your order is cancelled or not.

Go to Lalamove app.

  1. Next, move to app “menu”.
  2. Tap on “Orders”.
  3. Now click on “Cancelled” tab.
how to cancel order on lalamove

Here you will see your last order cancelled by Lalamove customer support.

How to Cancel Order in Lalamove By Using Customer Support

In this section, you will learn about a particular country and its cancellation procedure. Every country has its own procedure so read it according to your location.


If you are living in the Philippines then please use the live chat option ask customer support to cancel your order. All the steps to do this are explained above.


People of Malaysia can simply call customer service number 03-7688 6555. If the number is not working then use the live chat option from the app.


Please call at customer support team number 03-7688 6555. Otherwise, use the above-explained method of live chat.

Hong Kong

Lalamove how to cancel the order in Hong Kong, please dial customer care contact number 3701 3701 and submit the cancellation request. Otherwise, use live chat option from the app and ask support team to cancel your order.

How To Cancel Lalamove Booking

The cancellation of Lalamove booking is very simple and quick. Read the following steps carefully.

  1. Open the lalamve app, and find the booking you want to cancel.
  2. Note down the order number, it will use in next steps.
  3. Next, go to app menu and tap “Help Center”.
  4. Enter your name and reason to cancel the booking.
  5. Click at “start chat”. It will take some moments so be patient.
  6. Customer care agent will ask you for order number, provide him.

Next, customer support will accept your booking cancellation request after the validation reason. To view your booking is successfully cancelled, go to dashboard and refresh the page. Here you will see your book is cancelled by support team.

Keep in mind there is no direct button on the Lalamove app to cancel the booking. All the users must go to live chat section and use the above steps.  

Lalamove Driver Cancellation Penalty

Lalamove driver cancellation penalty is nothing if the order is cancelled within the time period of 60 minutes. If you want to get rid of cancellation penalty then submit the cancellation request before the start of order pickup time.

However, if the order pick up time is started then the user has to pay Standard Transport Fee. If the driver has accepted the ride and showed up to perform the job then half of the delivery charges will be paid by customer.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how can I cancel order in Lalamove? In this article, we’ve explained the process to submit the cancellation request. You can also read the procedure according to your country.

Still, if you need more help then you can ask us in the comment section below. Our expert team will help you in this case.

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