If you are looking for how to leave a review on Priceline then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can give a hotel rating by using Priceline. The reviews section of any business is very important. That’s why Priceline especially focus on real customer reviews.

Priceline is available in 32 languages and in more than 90 countries around the world. Priceline is very popular in the middle east, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.  This company is one of the top hotel reservation services in the world.

how to leave a review on priceline

To leave a review on Priceline is very simple. We’ve found that the hotel review system of Priceline.com is top of the line. Customers can submit their reviews in two parts. To know about how reviews work for Priceline in detail, see below.

How To Leave A Review On Priceline

If you are using the Priceline app to stay in a hotel then you will get an email notification to leave a review. Priceline customer survey review is consist of two parts. Every guest can leave a review on Priceline by using a link received in the email after the stay in the hotel.

1. Provide a rating from 1 to 10 in the first part of the priceline.com review:

  • Your living experiance in the hotel.
  • How you feel comfort and attractiveness of the hotel.
  • How was the location of the hotel where you stay.
  • What about cleanliness of the hotel.
  • Rate the quality of public rooms.
  • Give ratings according to the performance of hotel staff.

Your numerical ratings will determine the average scores and ranking of the hotel. These ratings will help new guests to see the quality and service provided by the hotel.

2. Leave or Write a review on Priceline.com in detail by using the second part:

In the second part of the Priceline review, guests can write their overall living experience in the hotel. Write your hotel review in the empty box available. Once you have done, click on the “submit” button.

Be honest while writing hotel reviews on Priceline. Because your reviews will help new customers to find the perfect stay. Don’t use any hate speech or remarks against any individual.  

All the guest’s reviews will publish on the official website. New visitors can see these reviews for a specific hotel. By using filters, customers can find only hotels of 7 different types seniors, couples, families with teens, families with young children, business travellers, solo travellers, and groups.

How Do I Contact Priceline?

If you have any questions or facing difficulties then you can contact the Priceline customer support team in three ways.

priceline customer service live chat
  • Through Text Message
  • Priceline Live Chat
  • Speak to someone at Priceline

Text Message

Send a text message 33296. Wait for the reply and explain your issue.

Priceline Customer Service Live Chat

If you are willing to use Priceline customer live chat then you can use it online. Please apply the following steps.

  1. First, cilck at follwoing button to start chat.
  2. On the next page, tap on “Chat”.
  3. A new window will open.

Now you can chat with Priceline’s customer care agent.

Speak to someone at Priceline

If you are facing any problem then you can call Priceline customer service at 877-477-5807. If this number is not going to help you then use the above two methods to reach someone at the Priceline support team.

Final Thoughts

WikiAns hope that you have got the answer to how do I leave a review on Priceline? In this article, we have discussed how reviews and ratings work for Priceline. Every guest can leave a Priceline review in two parts.

Both parts are explained above. Check your email inbox to find the link to participate in the Priceline survey. However, guests can also leave their reviews in the comment section below. We’ll publish your reviews here.

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11 thoughts on “How To Leave A Hotel Review On Priceline [Latest 2024]”
  1. 4 points by Sheraton Arlington Tx. Very disappointed, paid more than I should have. This hotel has 1 ice machine in the entire hotel and I have yet to find it. Beds & pillows are miserable, not comfortable at all. Going to take a shower and found hair and dirty standing water in the bathtub. Stains around the toilet too. I booked for 3 people and there is 1 towel in my room. Was so not worth $361 for 2 nights.

  2. Priceline is the most horrible money hungry site I have ever tried to do business with an they don’t care about their customers what so ever this is my worst experience ever


  3. Ummmm…. ok. I think I already know how to WRITE a review. But how do I even post a review? I have no idea! I’ve tried chatting with 2 Priceline “employees” (I use quotes because they don’t seem very knowledgable, so I’m even wondering if they are humans or just bots as I tried the “chat” function on their website (on a PC) and on their mobile app). No one can help me. I ask: How can I write a review on a hotel booked through Priceline, and I get responses like: It’s on the page. What page? Or I’ve gotten, “you need to refresh the page and clear the cookies.” On what page? That doesn’t make any sense! I checked the email confirmation page, the Itinerary, the “Hope you enjoyed your stay” emails, and there is nowhere that I can see to post a review. I go to the hotel page on Priceline’s website that I stayed at, and I can see the reviews, but there is nowhere to post a review. What am I missing?

    1. I fell down the same rabbit hole. I think they don’t want anything other tahn GREAT reviews – and in my case that is not possible. Disappointing all the way around – Priceline, hotel, everything.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed using Priceline and the rooms I’ve stayed in. However, our recent reservation in St Thomas, at the Boundless Bliss was bad. Following is our message to Priceline about this hotel: Arriving for our Priceline booking, listed above, we were concerned about the appearance of the hotel. It appeared to be deserted and rundown. After walking around the hotel, we finally ran into the owner/manager. We asked questions, as the name had been changed and the taxi service did not know where it was and as to regards of the run down condition of the hotel.
    The owner manager took us to our room, that was unbearably hot, as the storm shutters and door had been closed. We asked about the listed air conditioning and the owner said “turn it on”. I returned to the office, as I usually have to put a credit card on file for incidentals. I didn’t realize the room wasn’t prepaid by Priceline, until the owner handed me a credit card receipt for the full cost. With the air conditioner on full cold (15 degrees Celsius), the room was still to hot to unpack our bags. I went to the office to see if there was a way to turn the AC down, but, a gate had been shut on it and no one was there.
    After an hour, the room had not appreciably cooled and we determined we could not stay there.
    We called for a taxi to take us to another hotel, passed the office five times over half an hour and never saw the owner again.
    The pictures posted on the Priceline website did not match, what was there. Palm trees in pots had been removed, broken concrete, flaking paint, water damaged furniture, mirror placed on the chest of drawers after it came off the screws holding it up, corroded refrigerator, grime in the window, garbage strew in the other vegetation (no pics . Without a descent air conditioning system, there was no way we could stay there.

    I am not a picky person. I have stayed at many hotels and been to several different countries and this is by far the worst hotel I have ever been to. Country in suites by Radisson in Lumberton NC is horrible. I needed a late last minute hotel and this one had high ratings on Priceline so I said I’ll try it out. Priceline should be ashamed of itself. Although the staff and lobby were very nice the rooms were horrible. The walls are paper thin. I could hear the couple next door. The room smelled of mold, there was mold on the ceiling in the bathroom and room window seal. The tub was dirty we had to clean it ourselves and that still did not remove the stains. We asked to change rooms but they’re were no other rooms available. Paint was pealing off of the doors. The mattress has urine stains on it. We searched for bugs but there were no signs of any bugs and we sprayed the beds down thoroughly. I awoke with a swollen eyelid and arm. I would like a full refund but management is never available. I felt filthy I took an hour long shower once I returned home. This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  6. We recently stayed 3 nights at the Doubletree by Hilton. Never again. They did not bother to refresh our room at any point. No clean sheets, towels, empty trash, no coffee. Even after I contacted the front desk several times (in person since phone to them didn’t work), nothing was done. The room itself was terribly dark even with TV and every light on. The sheers under the drapes were literally in shreds. The wallpaper was falling off, the room was just not very clean, the bathroom was gross, the toilet was disgusting and obviously had not been cleaned in a long time. Piece of wood under bathroom sink just laying there with nails sticking out (what if there were small children?). People at front desk were no help whatsoever. So much more!

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