If you are looking for how to cancel a Debenhams order online then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about the cancellation process of Debenhams.

Online shopping is growing day by day. This company works like torrid, Nordstrom and next. Many people buy their favourite products online and some of them want to cancel their purchase due to different reasons.

This page will show the simple method of cancelling a Debenhams order.


How to Cancel Debenhams Order Online

The cancellation process of Debenhams is very easy. You can cancel your order on Debenhams within the time period of 14 days.

This time period will start when you receive the order. You can cancel your order by using the two following methods.

1.     Cancel the Debenhams Order by Returning Items

Once the online payment has been processed then you cannot cancel the order. If you have changed your mind regarding your order then you can return it to Debenhams.

The time period to return items to Debenhams is 28 days.

2.     Cancel the Order by Customer Service

If you want to cancel an order on Debenhams then you can send them an email at

The cancellation process by contacting customer service will not interrupt the delivery process. Basically, Debenhams cannot stop the order once your payment has been processed.

In this way, you can simply refuse the order that you’ve cancelled by using customer service. Otherwise, you can return products to Debenhams.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will next happen after the cancellation of Debenhams order?

Once you have cancelled the order or done the return process, Debenhams will start the refund process.

Normally all the refunds can take 3 to 5 business days (Not including Bank Holidays) to show in your bank account. Here must keep in mind, some banks may take a longer period to process refunds.

Can I change Debenhams delivery information once the order is placed?

Unfortunately, you can have the option to change your delivery information once your order has been placed.

In order to add more items, you have to place a new order for those items.

How to Cancel Debenhams Furniture Order Online?

If you have bought furniture on Debenhams and want to cancel your order then you have to contact Debenhams customer service.

The customer care agent will arrange your cancellation procedure. Here is the link to contact Debenhams customer support.

5 Interesting Facts You Must Read About Debenhams

1. Debenhams Wiki

Basically, Debenhams is a British multinational retailer company located in the United Kingdom and Denmark. Debenhams is also operating department stores in other countries of the world. 

Debenhams was launched his first store in London in 1778. But now this company has around 178 locations in the world. Boohoo bought the Debenhams Company and website for £55 million in January 2021.

2. Debenhams CEO


The answer to Debenhams CEO is Stefaan Vansteenkiste. Mark Gifford is the chairman of Debenhams brand. Initially, it was founded by William Debenham.

3. Debenhams Net worth

According to the internet sources, the net worth or income of Debenhams is £461.0 million till 2018.

This fashion retailer company has generated a revenue of £2,277.0 million in 2018. The operating income of Debenhams is £43.4 million (2018).

4. Debenhams Headquarters


Debenhams corporate head office or headquarters is located in 334–348 Oxford Street, London, England, UK.

This company has also its stores in Denmark. Debenhams staff works here in the headquarters and total numbers of employees are 25000 till 2019.

5. Debenhams Beauty Club Free Sample


If you are searching for how to get Debenhams beauty club free sample make up then you are in right place. You can join the beauty club of Debenhams for free.

Once you’ve joined the beauty club then you can get free make-overs samples from Debenhams after purchasing products online or in-store.

You can also get free gifts and special offers. You have to pick up a card from the nearby Debenhams store or you can download a virtual card from the iTunes app store.

In order to get free beauty samples and perfumes from Debenhams, you’ll need to join the beauty club and get the loyalty reward card.  

Click on the following “join program” link. It will show you the full details related to how to get other benefits including free beauty samples.

By joining the beauty club program you can also get a free brow wax worth £11.50 on your birthday too.

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