how to leave a review on shein

How To Leave or Write A Review On Shein Products For Points

If you are looking for how to leave or write a review on Shein app for points then you are in right place. In this article, you will learn about how you can add a comment and upload photos on Shein and get points. Here you will also learn how to leave a review on Shein. First of all, you have to visit the Shein app and get a log in to your account. Following are the next steps to leave feedback on the Shein app.

how to leave a review on shein

How To Leave A Review On Shein App

  1. Get login into your Shein account.
  2. Move down to the bottom right corner of the web page.
  3. Here tap on “Me icon”.
  4. Just below the “My orders” you can see unpaid, shipping, processing, or returns.
  5. Scroll down, it will show you the orders that you haven’t reviewed yet.
  6. Click on the order that you want to leave a review.
  7. Once you have done, submit your review.
  8. You can also contact them on the official website.

By following the above steps, you can easily write a review on Shein. You can also see your reviews on Shein app by visiting your profile. Go to your profile and you can see your reviews on Shein underneath “My Orders” at the end of the list. In this way, you can leave a review.

How To Add A Comment On Shein Products

To add a comment on Shein you should buy some products and wait until you received them. After receiving the items you can write a review or comment on Shein for points. All the customers can comment on photos through the android mobile app and iOS devices. Both methods are explained below.

IPhone Users

  1. First, you need to get logged in to Shein app.
  2. Next, visit the profile menu.
  3. Then you have to click on “Submitted” button.
  4. It will lead you a screen with “Comments” option.
  5. In this step, you will be able to add comments, rate Shein products and upload photos.

Android Users

  1. To comment on Shein item, go to profile menu.
  2. Then go to “Orders”.
  3. Now you will see “three dots” under the submitted block, tap on it.
  4. Next, click on “comments”. It will show multiple list options.
  5. Choose any of them for adding comment on your purchased items.
  6. Further you have the option to upload photos alongside every text box.

How To Write A Review On Shein For Points

After writing a good review you can get points on the Shein app. If your review is good and related to the product then it will become a reference to other customers. In this way, your review will appear on the corresponding product page. You can get points from Shein staff as a result of writing a great review. These points are useable on all products in Shein.

Following are the rules to get points by creating reviews on Shein.

  1. First of all, write your own buying information. In this way, you will get “10 points” after verification.
  2. Upload related pictures. By doing this you can get “20 points” after the necessary verification.
  3. Those products that have the same SKU in an order are reviewed only once.
  4. Review written in text format will be reviewed within 72 hours by the Shein staff. After the verification, it will get posted.
  5. Try to write an honest review of the product. Shein always welcomes accurate and honest reviews. It will help new customers, in order to buy products on Shein.

Tips To Write A Great Review On Shein

Here you will get the best tips to write a review for Shein app. Following are the pro tips to write a great review.

  • Firstly, your review should have the reason of why you liked or disliked a product. You can do it by writing your experiences related to that product. You can also make comparisons with related products you’ve used before.
  • Secondly, try to write a specific and point review related to any product. Specifically, describe the features of the product and your experiences with it. If you want to give image reviews then your review will consist of a brief introduction.
  • Your review should not be too short or too long. The minimum limit of review words is 20 and the maximum of up to 5000 words. We recommend you write an ideal review of 75 to 500 words. In the case of video reviews, your review should consist of 2 to 5 minutes. In this way, your audience will remain engaged.
  • Be honest while writing a review. Because your review will help other buyers on Shein app.

Why Can’t I See My Review On Shein – Is it Removed?

If your review gets rejected or removed by the Shein staff then the following are the reasons why it happened. Maybe you have broken the following rules and guidelines.

  • Those type of reviews, which are not related to product.
  • All reviews which contain offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Reviews having inappropriate content are not allowed on Shein.


WikiAns will hope that you have got your answer to how do I leave a review on Shein. Still, if you are facing any difficulty then you can ask us in the comment section below. The expert team of WikiAns will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also share your shopping review with other people by writing it below. Be honest while writing a review on shein because it will help new customers in the future.

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15 Replies to “How To Leave or Write A Review On Shein Products For Points”

  1. I have purchased 2 white dresses from Shein Sg, after carefully zoom-looked at the 2 dresses, to ascertain the 2 white dresses are not “transparent”.
    I have online purchased white dresses from other websites, no problem and am happy with my purchases.
    When I received the 2 white dresses from Shein Sg, I am shocked that material is rather inferior and after trying the 2 Shein white dresses, they are almost “Transparent” and my few friends have the Same Opinion too. All my few friends suggested that I should return the 2 Shein white dresses.
    I wrote to Shein Sg, again to my horror, Shein Sg wants me to courier back to Hong Kong and not Singapore, on top of that Shein Sg wants me to take photo wearing the 2 Shein white dresses, then Shein Sg disputes that I wore a dark chamisole. Is Shein Sg expecting me to wear my skin tone bra and takes photo of wearing the 2 Shein White dresses. This is Totally Dis-respectful, and annoying.
    Now Shein Sg states that they do not have any Singapore Warehouse or return address.
    This is totally ridiculous.
    Conclusion: DO NOT Buy from Shein Sg, unless you are very sure of the material and the returning address.

    1. Clothes are attractive, however; are not true to size. The clothes run small. You need to order one to two sizes larger.

  2. I have a question. Before several days I bought a few items from Shein and when they delivered I just wrote a review and added some photos. My review is displaying, but without the photos. I’m checking Shein to see if they show up, but still not. Don’t know what’s wrong with it? Thank you for the answer.

  3. Why would y’all have phone cases of an image of a man in hand cuffs with an outline going around? Smh

  4. Do you know why Shein has added my reviews but hasn’t added any of the photos I attached to the reviews. This goes out for every on of the 20 reviews I did.

    1. Hi Layan,
      Thanks for asking us. This could be due to changing in their reviews settings. However, if you want solution then we can write a new post on how you can add pictures and photos with reviews on shein?

  5. I purchased from Shein and have not left a review. I followed these steps however it says it is empty when i click to leave a review. How do I leave a review on the items i have already purchased?

    1. Hi Mackenzie,
      If you followed above steps and you are not able to write review then please contact at shein customer support.
      Thanks for asking us.
      Let me know if you have any question?

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